Baby Puff Afghan: New & Improved

Baby Puff Afghan
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Recipe: Baby Puff Afghan by Hooker Leo

The Silver Lining: I am forced to rebrand, review and update all my patterns. The original post for this afghan, had wrong pattern instructions. I have rewritten the pattern into a recipe and will continue to offer it and future recipes for free.

Recipe improvements include a condensation of the pattern into a pattern repeats for – what I believe to be – easier pattern instruction and generalized materials information to encourage project creativity. Actually, I suppose this is more of a crochet stitch recipe for a reversible, puffy texture.

Recipe Proviso

As with all my recipes:

  • I condone any profit you realize from selling your finished project
  • I condone duplication/copy of the recipe for dissemination among your friends
  • I would appreciate your linking your project to this recipe on Ravelry, where I can be found as HookerLeo, so I can feature your finished object on the recipe page

The recipe may be obtained by following the recipe link above or on Ravelry.

2 Replies to “Baby Puff Afghan: New & Improved”

  1. Good morning Leo, I just found your recipe for “Baby Puff Afghan” love it.
    Could you tell me what you used for a starting chain ?

    1. The recipe is free and specifies the multiple for the foundation chain. Otherwise, if you are asking about dimensions, that is entirely up to you. I normally make my baby afghans about 30 inches square; and 4 x 6 feet for full size afghans. Good luck! Hoooker Leo

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