Hello world!

Hooker Leo is pleased to unveil his new fiber arts website: ahookersworld.com. As much pleasure as I can express, I am equally dismayed that I was unsuccessful at importing offdahook.net in this blog. Instead of fighting and getting my yarn in a knot, I am going with the flow and moving forward.

I hope you can appreciate the wit incorporated into this blog subject and title. Unless you know me personally, you can only begin to imagine the life I’ve lead. I am not ashamed of my previous life, and am not ashamed to admit that the fiber arts really saved my life and sanity.

I am a counter, a teacher, a designer, a pattern writer, an enthusiast, with over 20+ years crocheting and 3+ years knitting.

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  1. Leo – You’re words are as fun as your creations are beautiful! Wishing you the best – with your humor and creativity all should go well.

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