Morticia Addams…and Lurch

Lurch Knits

I was watching The Addams Family before I had to leave to work yesterday and discovered another celebrity knitter: Morticia Addams.

Morticia Addams Knits

While searching for images, I discovered this image of Lurch knitting – perhaps learning how to knit.

Lurch Knits

As a crocheter, I am disappointed that I do not ever recall seeing someone crochet on television or film. Why is that? I have seen crochet afghans on several couches: The Middle, The Big Bang Theory, Roseanne, Mike & Molly, yet never have I seen someone actually crocheting. Which character made the afghans? A quick Google search revealed possibly two celebrities, but I didn’t recognize them and the pictures were so frikkin’ small I didn’t want to use without proper verification. I did find this and “Yes, Ryan Gosling, you can massage my hands!”

Ryan Gosling
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