Pattern Sale!

I have been debating since I got involved with pattern writing whether or not to charge. I ended up charging for more intricate items, and offering simpler patterns for free.

Another issue that presented itself, was my lack of pattern writing knowledge. I tend to write patterns geared for the more experience fiber artist, who can improvise where necessary or build the bridge of comprehension to my instructions.

I finally decided, albeit a little late, to only charge a nominal fee of USD $1.00 for ALL my patterns; recipes are still free. This price will be in effect for 2015 and shall be reevalutated at the end of the year to see if pattern sales have increased, or if there is any demand.

There is a bit of ego involved with this decision, as I feel that maybe by lowering my prices, I might become more known as a designer.

I think USD $1.00 for my patterns is a good deal, as I don’t prohibit you from making the item for sale. Additionally, I am available for technical support on all my patterns as I know my pattern writing skill may leave a lot to be desired for some fiber artists.

Happy hooking!

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