2015 Del Rey Artwalk Deemed A Success

A Hooker's World 2015 Del Rey Artwalk
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What a day!

While it was still overcast this morning I broke out in a horrendous sweat moving all my product to the front yard and setting up. This did not make me happy. However, I felt that maybe the amount of sales might make up for it.

Backtracking a little, I was too late to register as a vendor, and as a result I did not make it onto the published map. Still, I figured there would be enough traffic to warrant my efforts.

Four hours into the event and I think I had three visitors. Cathy took Mojo for a walk to check out some of the other vendors and discovered they had been “bombarded.” Dang!

I was feeling kind of disgusted and was thinking of throwing in the towel, but Cathy said she would still till 5:00 pm if I did. We decided to stick it out.

OMG! I made all my sales in the last hour and was very pleased with my sales amount. One customer, said to me while I was explaining how I was ‘being nice to her,’ “Just tell me how much I owe you dear.” Now that’s the kind of customer I need and want; she bought two natural fiber items, with hefty prices. God bless her! I also handed out many of my business cards, indicating that I take commissions for custom work. Cathy did pretty well also. Even Mojo got more tummy rubs during the day than he has ever received.

I can only think how much more I might have earned if I was on the map. We’ll see next year.

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