Dead Man’s Party Antimacassars: Left Hand

Dead Man's Party Antimacassars: Left Hand
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On da Hook: June 23, 2015
Off da Hook: June 23, 2015
Pattern: Skeleton Antimacassar by Regina Rioux
Yarn: Department 71 Perle Cotton Size 8 (Fiber Content: 100% Cotton; Yarn Color: [White], Yarn Weight: < 0, 10-Count Crochet Thread) Hook: US 8 – 1.5 mm
Dimensions: 6 (W) x 10 (H) inches

It is definitely getting too hot to crochet. I figured I could finish this in one day and I met my deadline. Now I only have the right hand to do.

The hand was a little bit more difficult; I think it was because of all the open space, especially between the fingers.

I know it looks like a right hand, but I checked the pattern chart and I definitely have the left hand positioned with the exact orientation as the chart.

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