Crooked Teeth Shawl

I needed something mindless to work on in the UCLA School of Dentistry tomorrow, while I am evaluated for services. I wanted to start a crochet wingspan, but could not remember the stitch counts from the knitted pattern and not the pattern is not available for free anymore. Too much thinking required, so I started a back loop single crochet shawl: On da Hook: August 16, 2015. The project name – Crooked Teeth by Death Cab For Cutie – should be an obvious reference to my dental health issues.

Crooked Teeth Shawl
©A Hooker’s World

I am not crazy about the back loop construction. I am almost tempted to use the red cone with the natural colors for Crochet Boomerang Scarf v1 by Gail S. Hovanec. Crap I just noticed I cut my ends. Well, I just stayed with the blue, green, purple, this might be able to be saved. Maybe I’ll just continue back loop for the an approximate nape and then switch to another single crochet method?

Actually, I think I solved my dilemma.


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