Oakland Raiders II: Half Time

Oakland Raiders
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Despite a couple of debacles yesterday:

  1. spilled coffee on the afghan, which thankfully washed out
  2. issue with row/stitch counts; fortunately only had to undo two rows

This time I am stranding the yarn behind the piece and sewing in ends after each row, so when I am done, I will be done!

I have the chart completed, but lost the stitch counts I had on the chart. Unfortunately, I only have stitch counts up to row 113, so I will have to recount the stitches for rows 114-192.

I am thinking of selling the pattern at different price levels:

  • Minimal Cost for the chart only
  • Increased cost for chart and a color-coded spreadsheet indicating stitch counts
  • Maximum cost for chart with stitch counts, color-coded spreadsheet indicating stitch counts

Not that anyone reads my blog, as evidence by my recent Wave Pattern request for help, but if anyone sees it your input would be greatly appreciated.

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