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Tapestry Crochet Charting Services
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So now that I can’t sell my trademarked patterns on Ravelry, I can still sell my charting services.

If you have a graphic you want charted for an afghan or other fiber product that shall be crocheted, I can create the chart for you, and even a spreadsheet for larger items such as a 6 x 4 foot afghan. Here are some examples:


San Francisco 49ers Afghan
Oakland Raiders Afghan


Mickey Mouse
Mojo (my dog)
Knitting Tree


El Segundo Sliptstitchers Suggestion Can 1 2 3
Hibi Chick Bag

I charge California minimum wage: USD $10.00 per hour, so the bigger and the more colors in the chart, the more it will cost.

Additionally, I can convert the chart into a spreadsheet where I will color code the stitch numbers to facilitate crochet of the project.

And if you are really serious, I can teach you tapestry crochet for the measly price of USD $25.00 per hour.

Or if you can’t find the time to learn and have some extra cash, you can hire me to make the item for you at the rate of USD $10.00 per hour.

At this time, I am only charting crochet patterns for single crochet. At some time in the future, I may add knit charting services to my repertoire.

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