Message of Love

Unable to work on crochet in the evening, I started a new mindless project for night knitting while watching television: Message of Love (by The Pretenders) Cowl.

I was totally surprised to learn that this bulky-looking yarn only calls for a US 6 needle, but it seems to be knitting up fine despite the knobbiness of the yarn of which I am not a fan. My experience has taught me that most textured yarns are best used in knitting versus crochet, as one is working with live stitches versus working in existing stitches, which can be difficult to identify in crochet.

I started on straight needles, but will switch to circulars, as the length of the straights is a little encumbering.

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  1. I agree with you about the textured /knotty fancy yarns. It’s prettier if knitted and so much easirr.
    I was wondering if you Loom Knit? So far I have only made hats but just recently decided to try something alittle more fancy.
    Your knotty friend,
    Kathleen Woodson

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