The Circus Baby Blanket

It’s finally done: 225 Motifs plus a border that required turning a total of approximately 320 times…and in plenty of time before the arrival of my great nephew Michael Kenneth Aguilar, due in January 2018. This blanket measures approximately 36 x 36 inches for the motifs only, and approximately 38 x 38 inches including the border.

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About the Pattern

I will be writing this baby blanket up as a pattern that will be available on th e AHW Pattern Page and my Ravelry store. The motifs are based on a video I found, but had to revise to my liking. The border is also a video that I had to modify to my liking and to fit within a ten-stitch space versus the original eighteen-stitch multiple.

About the Yarn

Bernat Baby Coordinates

Fiber Content: 75.2% Acrylic, 22.2% Acetate, 2.6% Nylon
Yarn Color: 01009 Soft Blue, 01012 Iced Mint, 01011 Lemon Custard, and (no yarn label for color number) White
Yarn Weight: 3, DK

So glad to be able to destash! This blanket border might benefit from a yarn that would provide better stitch definition. Definitely a yarn with more body might improve the appearance of the entire blanket.



2 Replies to “The Circus Baby Blanket”

  1. Wow Leo! This is an amazing blanket. I’m currently working on just a scarf with adapted crocodile scales for a friend who loves dragons. I’m just hoping I will finish. I love the border you put on the blanket.

    1. Hey Joanne!

      You mother passed, didn’t she? I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m right, my condolences to your and your family.

      I would love to see your finished project…I am trying to picture “adapted crocodile scales.”

      Take care!

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