Celebrity Crocheter: Vicki Lawrence

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I just found Mama’s Family airing on MeTV. I used to love this show and still do. From 18:00-19:00 you will now find me in my room, watching while crocheting or knitting.

Imagine my surprise to see Mama (Vicki Lawrence) crocheting. Yay!

Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh
Vivien Leigh knitting between takes on Waterloo Bridge set

I found this picture on Pinterest yesterday. Of course, she is probably in costume, but I would love to be rich enough to crochet in an embroidered smoking jacket with silk pajama pants and the softest sweaters. I can’t image how she is sitting below that skirt, but I wouldn’t even attempt that with my big ol’ stomach.

Morticia Addams…and Lurch

I was watching The Addams Family before I had to leave to work yesterday and discovered another celebrity knitter: Morticia Addams.

Morticia Addams Knits
source: www.60daysofhalloween.com

While searching for images, I discovered this image of Lurch knitting – perhaps learning how to knit.

Lurch Knits
source: judyweightman.wordpress.com

As a crocheter, I am disappointed that I do not ever recall seeing someone crochet on television or film. Why is that? I have seen crochet afghans on several couches: The Middle, The Big Bang Theory, Roseanne, Mike & Molly, yet never have I seen someone actually crocheting. Which character made the afghans? A quick Google search revealed possibly two celebrities, but I didn’t recognize them and the pictures were so frikkin’ small I didn’t want to use without proper verification. I did find this and “Yes, Ryan Gosling, you can massage my hands!”

Ryan Gosling
source: crochetdynamite.com (edited)