Angel Baby Preemie Booties

Angel Baby Preemie Booties
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I made one the yesterday, but screwed up the pattern. I was a little vexed because the pattern – Easy Make, Easy On, Booties by Aunt B of Bev’s Country Cottage – calls for an H for use with a baby/sport weight yarn. Then while searching Ravelry, I found patterns, again using sport/baby weight yarn with an H hook. It totally baffles me that one would use such a big hook for an item you want to snug. Whatever, Mary! I’ll never have babies. The pattern was easy to follow and creates an easy, pretty little bootie.

I used Patons Lace (Fiber Content: 80% Acrylic, 10% Mohair, 10% Wool; Yarn Color: 33129 Porcelain; Yarn Weight: 2, Sport/Baby) with a US F/5 – 3.75 mm hook. The finished objects measure about 2 inches from heel to toe.

I will bundling these with the Angel Baby Preemie Cap as a donation to Handmade Especially for You.

Man In The Box Cowl

Click an image for enlargement/slide show

This is another stash busting sample for the proposed stash busting crochet event at Concepts In Yarn and Needlepoint. I made it yesterday in about six hours (only because I fudged the construction). This works up real quick and is an excellent stash buster for those short scraps.

This piece measures approximately 16 (D) x 5 (H) inches. The yarn used for this project is some unlabeled acrylic from my own stash. The crochet technique is called Entrelac Crochet and is constructed in a Tunisian method.

This cowl will be donated to Handmade Especially For You after the stash busting crochet event and I can teach you this technique during the event…for FREE!

Post L. A. Yarn Crawl

I just now unpacked my purchases from the Los Angeles Yarn Crawl. The first was a Berroco Vintage DK (Fiber Content: 52% Acrylic, 40% Wool, 8% Nylon; Yarn Color: 2189; Yarn Weight: 3, DK), purchased at The Purl Side, for a Judy’s xmas gift, which will be The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief. Unfortunately, I just noticed I grabbed two different colors of grey. I wanted the darker one. I had bought one and then we went to lunch across the street. During lunch, I thought I should get one more skein to make sure I had enough to make a shawl big enough from the kerchief pattern. I ran back in grabbed – what I thought was the right color – and we headed off to the next store. Now I need to go all the way back to Glendora, after making sure they have the color I need, to make an exchange. Aiyaa!

Berroco Vintage DK
©A Hooker’s World

The second yarn I bought was an indulgence on my part, mostly for the color: Knitted Wit (Fiber Content: 100% Superwash Merino; Yarn Color: Salted Caramel; Yarn Weight: 1, Single Fingering). This was purchased at Abuelita’s Knitting & Needlepoint, after going to Pasadena the wrong month for the Vogue Knitting Live Show. Aiyaa! The good thing is that I have enough to make the Skylark in Wonderland with this. Woohoo!

Knitted Wit
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Single Crochet Workshop

Single Crochet
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A while ago, I came up with a special stitch – at least, I didn’t copy it from anywhere, though it may have already existed – the Bar Front Loop Single Crochet. I created some scarves with it: How Deep Is The Ocean, Jean Genie, September, and You’re My Magician.

Fast forward a year when I created a shawl using the same stitch: Get the Balance Right Shawl.

I shared the shawl with the Sand and Sea Knitting Guild a couple months ago and they asked me to do a workshop on the stitch. Not wanting to waste the time on just one stitch, I decided to change the workshop to a Single Crochet Workshop, showing different types of single crochet and the fabrics they create. As I am not a fan of waste, I am providing the workshop handout here for anyone to download: Download Single Crochet Workshop Handout. That way if one wants to print it out they can, leaving me with a clear conscience and saving a tree.

The workshop will be conducted at the September guild meeting, September 12, 2015 at Saint Andrew’s Lutheran Church; 11555 National Boulevard; Los Angeles, California 90064. Our guild meeting begins at 11:00 a.m. and lasts until 1:00 pm. Guests are welcome, should you like to attend. Send me an email for additional information.

Yarn Bombing vs Guerrilla Street Art

Rainbow Yarn Bridge in Santa Monica

I have never been much of a fan of yarn bombing, viewing it as a waste of yarn and without any artistic cohesion. I have recently discovered that I am a fan of “guerrilla street art,” as coined by Brian Champlin of, and from where I grabbed these images, as I don’t get out much anymore.

This is a walkway in Santa Monica, and for that reason alone, if I owned a car, I would probably not go see it because there is no free parking in that city. Add to that, the fact that Santa Monica is a complete tourist trap, which explains the lack of free parking. However, I find this installation quite beautiful; I would love to go see it! I wonder how long before the colors of the yarn begin to fade.

Rainbow Yarn Bridge in Santa Monica

2015 Del Rey Artwalk Deemed A Success

A Hooker's World 2015 Del Rey Artwalk
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What a day!

While it was still overcast this morning I broke out in a horrendous sweat moving all my product to the front yard and setting up. This did not make me happy. However, I felt that maybe the amount of sales might make up for it.

Backtracking a little, I was too late to register as a vendor, and as a result I did not make it onto the published map. Still, I figured there would be enough traffic to warrant my efforts.

Four hours into the event and I think I had three visitors. Cathy took Mojo for a walk to check out some of the other vendors and discovered they had been “bombarded.” Dang!

I was feeling kind of disgusted and was thinking of throwing in the towel, but Cathy said she would still till 5:00 pm if I did. We decided to stick it out.

OMG! I made all my sales in the last hour and was very pleased with my sales amount. One customer, said to me while I was explaining how I was ‘being nice to her,’ “Just tell me how much I owe you dear.” Now that’s the kind of customer I need and want; she bought two natural fiber items, with hefty prices. God bless her! I also handed out many of my business cards, indicating that I take commissions for custom work. Cathy did pretty well also. Even Mojo got more tummy rubs during the day than he has ever received.

I can only think how much more I might have earned if I was on the map. We’ll see next year.

50% Discount at 2015 Del Rey Artwalk

2015 Del Rey Artwalk (outside)
©A Hooker’s World

I might have posted about this before. If I have I apologize for the duplication, but I have more information…

I was late to register for this event, but a phone call to the organizer requesting display provided the authorization necessary for me to display without stepping on anyone’s toes.

I received the flyer yesterday in which I was too late to be included. However, because I am a graphic designer, I added myself – Number 17. Please click the images, or here, for a printable PDF.

To commemorate this event, I am offering a 50% discount on all AHW store items purchased during the event.

2015 Del Rey Artwalk (inside)
©A Hooker’s World

A Hooker’s World Store Now Open!

Open for BusinessUp to now, I have been relying on my blog posts and social media to sell my items, which has not yielded any business whatsoever, so I am very excited that two avenues for selling my items have revealed themselves to me: del Rey Art Walk and a friend of mine that attends shows as a vendor.

The other day I was sitting outside crocheting while waiting for a ride from a friend when a neighbor walked by. We got to talking and she asked where I sell my stuff after I explained that I am not the kind of gay that wears feminine apparel. I told her that I was considering having another craft boutique in the fall. She suggested I get in touch with the del Rey Association and maybe I could display my stuff during the annual art walk. Doh! I never even thought about that. I called, but all collateral has already been printed. I am pending approval to display my stuff on my sidewalk. Even if I don’t get the approval, mom says she will have a yard sale and I can display anyways.

The other opportunity arose from a long time friend of mine that attends exhibitions in Arizona and Nevada. She is willing to take my items along for a 30% commission. She is coming by next Wednesday to choose which items she thinks will sell and help me with pricing. Motivated to dig out all my old stuff and be ready for my visitor next Wednesday, I decided to create a store on this website. Rudimentary at best, at least the AHW Store is another avenue.

Either way, my creative energy is renewed and I am really finishing up my old projects so I can get started on new things.


2015 Los Angeles Yarn Crawl

2015 Los Angeles Yarn Crawl
©A Hooker’s World


Two years ago, I had no money to even buy yarn, so I was not interested at all. One year ago, I was working at during the yarn crawl in a yarn store, which precluded me from participating. This year I was able to secure a seat in a car with some friends that intended to visit some stores I had never been too. Woohoo!

It was so nice to see some old friends again and hang out with them, despite a cramped seating arrangement, which I did not think was going to be a problem, but certainly affected me by the time I got home in the evening. Next year, I will either have my own car or make sure I am not crowded into a vehicle for an all-day shopping spree. I am very grateful that the driver accommodated my temperature needs; I even got a little chilly.

Our first stop was The Yarn Garden in Whittier. My godmother lives in La Mirada and the next time I go out to visit with her, I will have to remember to stop by the store should I need anything. The staff (Diana, Robert and Corina) were very friendly. My goal during this spree was to try and match a MadelineTosh I had purchased during my employment at The Knitting Tree, L A, for which I had lost the yarn label. Fortunately, they had much to choose from; unfortunately, I was not able to match the color. It’s good to know another source for MadelineTosh, having been banned from The Knitting Tree, L A. While there, I entered a contest and hope I am a “wiener.”

Continuing south on the 605, our next stop was Stitches In Time in Bellflower. As we were parking, I noticed a the mural on the side of a building, which I liked. Upon entering the store, I flash-backed to Yarns Unlimited, based on the yarn selections. Fans were twirling and as long as one was in the direct tunnel of air they were blowing, I began to get a little sticky. When Kathleen wanted to visit the bakery next door, I accompanied her, where I used the bathroom and discovered the whimsical mural on the wall. When I left the bakery, I ambled over to the mural on the side of the building to photograph it before returning to Stitches In Time.

So far I had been able to restrain myself from purchasing anything, but I really hadn’t seen anything that really called out to me either. Then we went to Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. I was surprised that they did not sell MadelineTosh, and my attention was immediately drawn to their color selection of Brown Sheep Company Lamb’s Pride, figuring this would be an ideal source for mom’s cowl she has asked me to make, emulating the color scheme of a serape she owns. Then my attention was drawn to the Baah yarns display, where I encountered multicolor yarn. My next thought was that maybe I could save money if I made mom’s cowl from this yarn. I took the picture for mom’s consideration, but think the color changes are too frequent for my use. I LOVE the colors!

The YarnOver Truck happened to be there, and I went out to “show” Kathleen the wonderful Anzula Meridian I had previously seen when I went to the truck with Carla at the brewing company. That’s when I broke down and finally made my first purchase. I just love the color and in the back of my mind, I have the perfect project for the yarn, thought I have not even used the first yarn I purchased from them last year. Aiyaa!

Our last stop – thank God, because I was getting quite uncomfortable in the car – was the new store, Maddie Made It. Love the store, the prices are very reasonable and the yarn selection reminded me of The Knitting Tree, L A. Having spotted the Interlacements Rick Rack, which I love, I hemmed and hawed until Jacqui pointed out the Queensland Uluru, which I thought would be very pretty double-stranded with the Interlacements.

I spent two-thirds of the budget I had allotted for yarn purchases, so I feel pretty good about that. Do I need more yarn? Of course not, but he with the most yarn wins in the end. Now I just need to make time for all the projects. Fortunately, I got to speaking with Denise, who participates as a vendor at shows and I might have a viable outlet to sell my creations at a decent price, minus commission. We will talk further and hopefully something will come of it.

2015 Chinese New Year Dim Sum Feast

The girls from my sit ‘n’ stitch group, my parents and I all met at The Golden Dragon Restaurant in Chinatown, Los Angeles for a dim sum brunch yesterday. My cousin introduced me to this restaurant and it is one of my favorites. The atmosphere and the food literally transport me to China. According to the last picture, we definitely had our fill.