2016 Pricing Structure

I recently finished an Oakland Raiders Tapestry Afghan, measuring 4 feet squared. I charged four times the cost of the yarn + yarn (acrylic) cost. This came to a total of $167.50.

I was feeling like I undercharged and considered revising my pricing structure.

Yesterday I started another Oakland Raiders Tapestry Afghan because I had damaged the first one. This time, I decided to calculate my time crochet the afghan, as my nephew showed me that I had a stopwatch on my phone. Well, I did four rows in one color in approximately 57 minutes. What an eye opener! A simple calculation proved that if I charged minimum wage for my time, the blanket would be estimated at $480…AND that does not include my time charting the afghan!

I believe I am going to change my pricing structure and this post will make it official. From this point forward all requests:

  • will be charged at $10/hr (minimum wage) + Yarn Cost
  • be eligible for a 25% discount to friends and family
  • will require a deposit (I am leaning towards the cost of the yarn)
  • will be subject to a time frame for payment, which when exceeded will result in general sale of the item because I have some projects for which I am still waiting for payment
  • will require a signed agreement between me and the client

Perhaps higher prices may leave more time for me to design and learn more techniques and grow as a fiber artist, which is something I am really excited about. I want to learn interlocking crochet, having received a book for my birthday last year. I also received a brioche knitting book and I would love to tackle some of the patterns in there also.

Right now, I have two afghans in the queue, having just finished Baby Blanket. All new requests will be subject to the terms above.

The Twelve Steps of Yarn Stashers Anonymous

©A Hooker’s World

The twelve steps saved my life once before, so I am going to see if they can save me from my insurmountable stash as well.

  1. I admit am powerless over my stash—that my project queue has become unmanageable.
    My stash is insurmountable
  2. I believe that a power greater than myself can restore me to sanity.
    Yes, I do
  3. Make a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God, as I understand Him.
    My goal is to help the guild reach over 1000 charity donations through hard work & creativity
  4. Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of my stash.
    Once again, this is a tough one, as every time I go into my stash, creative fireworks go off and tempting me to loose focus. However, as pictured above, I am gathering my unlabeled yarns, matching weights and organizing colors.
  5. Admitted to God, to myself, and to another human being the exact nature of my wrongs.
    Via this blog post,
    A. I relinquish my ego – desire to be a rock star – by throwing myself in to charity crochet/knitting

         B. I will not be so selfish with my stash
  6. I am entirely ready to have God remove all my defects of character.
    Yes, I am
  7. Humbly ask Him to remove my shortcomings.
    Via this blog post
  8. Make a list of all persons I have harmed, and be willing to make amends to them all.
    Mental list complete. Fortunately, it is not as extensive as my addiction list
  9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
    Through charity knitting and sharing of my stash
  10. Continue to take personal inventory, and when I am wrong, promptly admit it.
    When an opportunity presents itself, be ready to contribute
  11. Seek through prayer and meditation to improve my conscious contact with God, as I understand Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for me and the power to carry that out.
    Always a struggle
  12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, I will carry this message to yarnies, and to practice these principles in all my affairs.


  1. I am starting with all unlabeled yarn – burn testing for fiber content – then separating by weight. Next I am organizing by color and then I am making charity scarves.
  2. Where I have more of any given color, I will make afghans, hopefully having enough or able to color match for project completeness.
  3. Will begin on fine fibers, searching for patterns based on weight/yardage of yarn to make specific items – hopefully for sale.
  4. And most importantly, I will not purchase any new yarn, except to complete a project


2014 Los Angeles Local Yarn Shop Overview

Fortunate enough to finally find secure employment at a local yarn store, I was scheduled to work during the 2014 Los Angeles Yarn Crawl. Personally, I loved the beehive of activity the yarn crawl created for our store and the range of people we met from other parts of Los Angeles, and even other states!

One visitor from Ohio sparked the idea for this post. She had researched her trip to Los Angeles, where she was coming for a job interview, and discovered that Yarn Crawl LA was coinciding with her trip, so she decided to unofficially(?) participate. This got me thinking that a general overview of all local yarn shops in the Los Angeles County area would make for an informative post for future fiber artists wise enough to research their trips to Los Angeles County.

Using the Yarn Crawl LA passport as my guide, I have created the following spreadsheet which will provide a general overview of each yarn store, it’s policies and offerings. One of the things I learned in contacting each store:

  1. Most yarn stores are willing to answer a couple of questions regarding projects made of yarn purchased outside the store. Preference/time is more deservedly reserved for customers that have purchased the project yarn in the store.

With respect to my spreadsheets:

  • Yarn Policy refers to organized sit ‘n’ stitches that regularly meet in the store and/or customers that are welcome to sit ‘n’ stitch during operating hours, allowing for space.
  • Pet Policy:
    • Under California law, all stores must allow PROPERLY IDENTIFIED service dogs into the store, properly identified being the operative term.
    • Stores indicating a favorable pet policy do not wish this post to viewed as an open announcement that they are expanding into the petting zoo industry. I suggest you contact the store before presuming your pet will be well received out of respect to store space and/or other customers’ potential allergies.


  • As an employee at a yarn store, I am not offering any opinions regarding each store.
  • As this is my first “official informative post,” I fine-tuned the information culled as I called each store. As such, some information may be more detailed than others.
  • While I tried to be objective and brief, I may have made some mistakes – blame it on being human. If you are a yarn store and would like me to adjust your information, please send me a request via email.

I hope any readers of this post will find it informative. Upon securing more reliable transportation, I look forward to visiting each and every store.

Happy hooking!

2014 Los Angeles Local Yarn Store Overview (PDF)