I’m In Good Company

Lambda Flag at Saint Andrew's Lutheran Church
Lambda Flag at Saint Andrew's Lutheran Church
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At my last Sand & Sea Knitting Guild meeting, I was welcome by the lambda flag as I approached. Gotta say, that I know it has nothing to do with the guild, but am PROUD to be attending a guild meeting where homosexuals are welcome. I figure it has to do more with the church: Saint Andrew’s Lutheran Church, which to me appears to be more progressive than my old catholic church.

Anyway, I am just glad that the flag welcomes me every month I attend a meeting. It’s a sign, to me, that I am on the right path and associating with the right people.

I wonder if I ever meet a companion, if we could get married there? I would presume yes.

The Last Procrastination

I queued a new project today – Wild Wild West Kerchief – in a last ditch attempt to procrastinate frogging about eleven rows of Dead Man’s Party Antimacassars: Rib Cage due to a dropped stitch. I will be using the yarn I purchased during the ISIS Group field trip to downtown Los Angeles, last September: Lucky Lamb Hand Painted Luxury Yarns Superwash Wool DK (Fiber Content: 100% Superwash Wool; Yarn Color: Felix; Yarn Weight: 3, DK). The kerchief will be knitted on US 7, which are currently in use on The Octopus’s Garden Cowl. I need more needles! 😀

Lucky Lamb Hand Painted Superwash Wool
©A Hooker’s World

Now back to the rib cage.

Midnight At The Oasis Cowl

Midnight At The Oasis Cowl
Midnight At The Oasis Cowl
©A Hooker’s World

On da Hook: April 27, 2015
Off da Hook: May 4, 2015
Pattern: Moroccan Midnight Cowl by Tamara Kelly
Yarn A: Newton’s Yarn Country Kroy Pencil Roving (Fiber Content: 100% Superwash Wool; Yarn Color: Unknown [Black]; Yarn Weight: 4, Worsted
Yarn B: Newton’s Yarn Country Rhythm (Fiber Content: 100% Wool; Yarn Color: Unknown [Multicolor]; Yarn Weight: 4, Worsted)
Hook: US I/9

I think Ellen brought this pattern to my attention through Pinterest. However it came to my attention, I finally found a use for my Newton’s black wool and the mini rainbow skein that was a gift to me from my friend Ana.

The pattern begins with a foundation single crochet chain, of which I am not a fan, so I started with a foundation chain, slip stitched and did a row of single crochet. I am not crazy about the spaces from the first row of V-stitches; I might do two rows of single crochet in the back loop, and do the first row of V-stitches in the front loop over the two rows of single crochet. To keep pattern, I would end with two twos of single crochet in the back loop and finish the last row of V-stitches over the two rows of single crochet. I also increased the number of stitches in Yarn B because they were not sticking out enough. This could be because I used worsted versus the aran weight yarn for which the pattern calls. The instructions were a little tricky as you are not cutting yarn; I figured out my own method and after that had no problem working the rest of the pattern.

The name of this pattern – Midnight At The Oasis by Maria Muldaur – is a selection from my music library that is closely related to the name of the pattern.

Price: USD $60.00

The Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland Shawl

A Horse With No Name Shawl
A Horse With No Name Shawl
©A Hooker’s World

Cast On: May 3, 2015
Yarn A: A Hooker’s World Hand-Dyed Merino Superwash (Yarn Color: The Painted Desert) a la Newton’s Yarn Country Merino Superwash (Fiber Content: 100% Merino Wool; Yarn Color: Unknown [Natural]; Yarn Weight: 4, Worsted)
Yarn B: Unknown (Fiber Content: !00% Wool; Yarn Color: Unknown [Mint Green]; Yarn Weight: 4, Worsted)
Needle: US 9

This project name started with the yarn cakes, which reminded me of succulents, leading to The Painted Desert by 10,000 Maniacs.

A quick look at my stash revealed a bunch of the mint green color I had stashed away, more than enough to equal the 10.3 oz of The Painted Desert I ended up with. I knit this stitch pattern in It’s My Life Shawl and loved the definition. My first “impressions” are of an english garden, but I think I’ve used all my garden song names previously. Next I thought green and The Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland by the B-52’s. Love them!

I could not wait to show you how it’s coming along and share my vision: I am thinking of working to 99 stitches in each section, then I don’t know if I want a yellow accent row – though more I think about it, the more I do – or a green accent row – which might not accent as much. Well, I have 24 more rows before I have to make that decision. I am thinking some kind of thicker purl bump row or a thin lattice row.

Future plans include tow more mixed section of 99 rows, separated by accent rows and then a decorative edge in mint green.

Adventures in Dyeing: Stage 3

Adventures in Dying: Stage 3
Adventures in Dying: Stage 3
©A Hooker’s World

Yesterday I rinsed the blank and hung out to dry. I was able to get it wound into two yarn cakes before I left to go to a Karaoke party.

This morning I present the final product! 10.3 ounces/293 g of The Painted Desert by 10,000 Maniacs.

Adventures in Dyeing

Adventures in Dying
Adventures in Dying
©A Hooker’s World

It has been so long since I took Ana’s Food Color Dying class, but I think I remember most of what she taught us. I watched some videos just to for good measure. Because I had helped Ana at the time of her class – at least that is my reasoning – she gifted me with a dye kit and some wool from Newton’s Yarn Country. I had finished the blank some time ago, but now that I am no longer working at The Knitting Tree, I have much more time for crafting. When I pulled out the box, I discovered even more wool, so I might trying dying a yarn cake and dying a hank next.

When I saw MadelineTosh Holi Festival I fell in love, so that is my inspiration for this blank. Because I don’t exactly remember the steps, I made up my own:

  1. Soaked the blank in hot water
  2. Layed the blank out on the ground
  3. Applied color
  4. Sprayed with vinegar
  5. Let dry in sun

I am letting it dry in the sun because I have the space and mom is so particular about her kitchen. I suppose when it drys, I will rinse until water runs clear and then wind it into a yarn cake. I do not want to apply any pressure to the blank as it is because I don’t want colors to run anymore than they naturally will, but I am concerned that the color will not go through to the other side. I suppose that’s just as well, as it might disperse the color more through the yarn.

I’m so excited.

Dead Man’s Party Antimacassars: Skull

Dead Man's Party Antimacassar: Skull
Dead Man's Party Antimacassar: Skull
©A Hooker’s World

On da Hook: April 19, 2015
Off da Hook: April 27, 2015
Pattern: Skeleton Antimacassar by Regina Rioux
Yarn: Department 71 Perle Cotton Size 8 (Fiber Content: 100% Cotton; Yarn Color: [White], Yarn Weight: < 0, 10-Count Crochet Thread)

OMG! This is the official skull antimacassar for a project I was commissioned to crochet. Without even looking at the practice one, I realized my tension was looser on this one, but did not expect such an increase in size. The new one measures approximately 8.5 x 13.5 inches, while the old one measures approximately 7 x 10 inches. I have already emailed my client an image indicating the difference in size. I am pretty sure she will like – as I do because it is more the size of a human head – and have already started on the rib cage.

I only had two balls of crochet thread, but managed to find the exact same yarn online – for sale no less – and purchased 10 balls, as the pattern charts do not indicate how much is needed. I hope I have enough!

Dead Man's Party Antimacassar: Skull
©A Hooker’s World

A Hooker’s World Store Now Open!

Open for BusinessUp to now, I have been relying on my blog posts and social media to sell my items, which has not yielded any business whatsoever, so I am very excited that two avenues for selling my items have revealed themselves to me: del Rey Art Walk and a friend of mine that attends shows as a vendor.

The other day I was sitting outside crocheting while waiting for a ride from a friend when a neighbor walked by. We got to talking and she asked where I sell my stuff after I explained that I am not the kind of gay that wears feminine apparel. I told her that I was considering having another craft boutique in the fall. She suggested I get in touch with the del Rey Association and maybe I could display my stuff during the annual art walk. Doh! I never even thought about that. I called, but all collateral has already been printed. I am pending approval to display my stuff on my sidewalk. Even if I don’t get the approval, mom says she will have a yard sale and I can display anyways.

The other opportunity arose from a long time friend of mine that attends exhibitions in Arizona and Nevada. She is willing to take my items along for a 30% commission. She is coming by next Wednesday to choose which items she thinks will sell and help me with pricing. Motivated to dig out all my old stuff and be ready for my visitor next Wednesday, I decided to create a store on this website. Rudimentary at best, at least the AHW Store is another avenue.

Either way, my creative energy is renewed and I am really finishing up my old projects so I can get started on new things.


Lava Cowl

Lava Cowl
Lava Cowl
©A Hooker’s World

Cast On: January 12, 2015
Cast Off: April 24, 2015
Pattern: Lava Cowl by Dixie
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Merino (Fiber Content: 100% Merino Wool; Yarn Color: 325700, Yarn Weight: 4, Aran)
Needle: US 8

When I saw this pattern, I was immediately drawn to it. Figuring it was a pretty quick and easy knit, I set forth. The only reason it took so long is because other projects took precedence. It was nice to refresh my memory of working cables, and improving my ability to count rows from the cable row. The hardest part of this project was keeping track of my row counts.

The name of this project – Lava by The B-52’s – was a no brainer.

Price: USD $72.00

Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most Shawl

Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most Shawl

With leftovers from It’s My Life Shawl and being a big admirer of West’s designs, I am trying to replicate Exploration Station into a crochet pattern.

As you can see, my swirls are not as definitive as West’s, but my is reversible and I there colors are different on each side! I might try again with taller stitches to better replicate the swirl pattern, but I think math is definitely needed to figure out the formula for short-rowing, and I don’t want to become a mathematician also!

My plan today is to start the simulated brioche using back/front post double or treble crochets. After that, I may need to purchase more yarn to finish this project.

In case you were wondering about the project name – Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most by Ella Fitzgerald – I have been really going through a tough emotional state lately and I think pink and green really represent spring to me the most.