One Skein Short: December 17, 2015

Sarah Bates' Be Lovely Hats
Sarah Bates' Be Lovely Hats
©A Hooker’s World


paula06: Knitted Edgings II
hookerleo: Fly, Robin, Fly Shawl
Lynette: Teddy Bear
parmesaner: Crochet Picot Edged Fleece Blanket
csnanacat: Black Shawl


  • Berry Trifle courtesy Hooker Leo
  • Oreos courtesy CSNanaCat
  • White Cheddar Popcorn and Kettle Corn courtesy Lynette
  • Madeleines courtesy Parmesaner

Old Business

  • Ania’s status shared with group
  • No meeting December 24, 2015
  • No meeting December 31, 2015

New Business

  • $1 Facility Fee voted against 4 to 1
  • Looking into new location. Suggestions: Lynette’s, Paula’s, Penera Bread @ Studio Village. We are tentatively scheduled to resume meeting January 7, 2016 at Panera Bread. I will call to confirm if nothing different develops in the meantime.
  • CSNanaCat’s new car

Show & Tell

  • SaraBea: Be Lovely Hats

Doh! I forgot to include the other photos from our festive meeting. Click an image for enlargement/slide show…

One Skein Short: November 19, 2015

Lisa's Lemon Stress Ball
Lisa's Lemon Stress Ball
©A Hooker’s World


hookerleo: knit blanket (project name TBD)
Lynette: Teddy Bears
sarabea: Barbar Walker’s Learn To Knit Afghan
parmesaner: Lemon Stress Ball
: Marley CAL Baby Blanket
Georgina: too young to knit
Jason: too young to knit


Pumpkin Scones courtesy Parmesaner

Old Business

  1. As the group occupying the Tree House change their mind regarding switching rooms, we will continue to meet in the Park Room, or whatever it is named – the same room we have been meeting in.

New Business

  1. In observance of Thanksgiving, we will not meet on Thursday, November 26, 2015
  2. In observance of Christmas, we will not meet on Thursday, December 24, 2015
  3. Christmas Gift Exchange
    To be conducted during the December 17 meeting. There is a $10 limit on gift amount. Names have been drawn. Cathy and Paula have been advised and received their names via telephone today Friday, November 20, 2015.

One Skein Short: November 12, 2015



  • None


  • Charity donations turned in to Vineyard Christian Fellowship administrator
  • Waiting for confirmation from Vineyard Christan Fellowship administrator regarding room relocation


  • Holiday party/gift exchange proposed by Hooker Leo. Both attendes are in agreement. To be followed-up at next meeting.