I Say A Little Prayer Shawl

On da Hook: December 23, 2016
Off da Hook: January 15, 2017
Pattern: I Say A Little Prayer Shawl by Hooker Leo
Yarn: Newton’s Yarn Country Nevada (Fiber Content: 100% Rayon; Yarn Weight: 3, DK)
Hook: US F – 3.75 mm
Dimensions: 56 (W) x 19.5 (D) unblocked; 68 (W) x 23 (D) blocked
Price: USD $95.00

The project name – I Say A Little Prayer by Dionne Warwick – represents my hope that the shawl shape would be what I hoped it would be, and thankfully, I was successful.

This is the first time I have used the Moss/Granite Stitch and the use with this yarn created a fascinating southwestern feel to the woven-like fabric. I tried to use complementary colors from the primary gradient, and think I could have done better, but am happy with my results. My stripes consist of two rows and occur every twelfth row.

Bonus: Discovered that rayon can be blocked!

I Say A Little Prayer Shawl

I Say A Little Prayer Shawl

Charting Services Rendered Here

Tapestry Crochet Charting Services
©A Hooker’s World

So now that I can’t sell my trademarked patterns on Ravelry, I can still sell my charting services.

If you have a graphic you want charted for an afghan or other fiber product that shall be crocheted, I can create the chart for you, and even a spreadsheet for larger items such as a 6 x 4 foot afghan. Here are some examples:


San Francisco 49ers Afghan
Oakland Raiders Afghan


Mickey Mouse
Mojo (my dog)
Knitting Tree


El Segundo Sliptstitchers Suggestion Can 1 2 3
Hibi Chick Bag

I charge California minimum wage: USD $10.00 per hour, so the bigger and the more colors in the chart, the more it will cost.

Additionally, I can convert the chart into a spreadsheet where I will color code the stitch numbers to facilitate crochet of the project.

And if you are really serious, I can teach you tapestry crochet for the measly price of USD $25.00 per hour.

Or if you can’t find the time to learn and have some extra cash, you can hire me to make the item for you at the rate of USD $10.00 per hour.

At this time, I am only charting crochet patterns for single crochet. At some time in the future, I may add knit charting services to my repertoire.

Oakland Raiders Afghan Fail

Oakland Raiders Afghan II
©A Hooker’s World

As it turns out, the third time is not a charm. Ravelry still refused to publish my pattern because it makes a trademarked product.

Personally, I think the whole thing is stupid. Seriously, how much money could I make off a crochet afghan pattern? And who has the time and/or resources to actually make it.

I keep lambasting capitalism and shall continue to my last single crochet.

In the meantime, the pattern is always available on AHW Pattern Page, should anyone be interested.

Oakland Raiders Afghan v3

Oakland Raiders Afghan II
©A Hooker’s World

It’s been said the third time is a charm; let’s see if this is true. I have now removed the afghan image from the pattern due to Ravelry’s response:

Unacceptable image. Whether the pattern is charted or not, it is still an unacceptable pattern since it uses a trademarked image.

I have also included instructions on the Ravelry Store pattern where one can view the finished product, which would be here. Again, the pattern on my Patterns Page remains intact with an image of the finished product and a PDF chart.

Oakland Raiders Afghan v2

Oakland Raiders Afghan II
©A Hooker’s World

Aiyaa! Ravelry removed my pattern from their database for the following reason:

Unacceptable standalone chart. NOT “original” art which is what’s required for these types of patterns.

My first argument is why the fuck does Ravelry care? My best guess is that they may be liable for selling the pattern.

Okay, so I removed the chart and I am resubmitting the pattern, which you should be able to buy in my Ravelry Store; I have not updated the pattern on my patterns page, which does include the offending chart. Because the chart has been removed, I am reducing the Ravelry Store Price: USD $5.00.

I’m Hooked…

…on a stitch pattern.

Found this pattern: Ombre Shawl Crochet Pattern on the internet and loved the look of the shawl. The beginning was a little tricky – due to poor vision, but once I picked it up. I am making Digging Your Scene – by The Blow Monkeys – Wrap with the leftovers from the Oakland Raiders Afghan: Michaels Loops & Threads Impeccable (Fiber Content: 100% Acrylic; Yarn Colors: 01005 White, 01040 Black, and 01044 True Grey; Yarn Weight: 4, Aran) on a US K10.5/6.5 MM hook.

Digging Your Scene Wrap
©A Hooker’s World

To honor Maddie Made It’s hospitality Friday night, and the 25% discount I received on my purchase, I bought some Universal Cotton Supreme DK (Fiber Content: 100% Cotton; Yarn Colors: 701 White, 723 Silken, and best guess: 713 Hot Pink; Yarn Weight: 3, DK) and started American Pie – by Don McLean and based on the pi-influenced stripe pattern. With approximately 690 yards, and with a US F5/3.75 MM hook, I figure I’ll get a small shawl if not a large kerchief, either way, I just love the color combo.

American Pie
©A Hooker’s World

Oakland Raiders Afghan II

Oakland Raiders Afghan II
©A Hooker’s World

Back in July 2015, my cousin asked me to make this for his uncle in gratitude for wedding planning. I created the chart and a spreadsheet and crocheted the afghan, finishing in December 2015. However, due to bleach discoloration within the first 10 rows, I had to remake this afghan and I just finished today.

I seriously need to learn how to crochet left handed so, my tapestry pieces will not have a stitch bias/slant. This time around I stranded unused yarn behind the afghan versus cutting my color changes. Turns out I used the same amount of yarn. I found that a little odd, thinking I might use at least on extra skein due to the stranding. Go figure! The most important thing I learned is that I don’t charge enough for my work. I used to base my pricing on 4 x the cost of the yarn, but when the customer chooses the cheapest yarn, I suffer. This entire afghan totaled out at $209.40. Based on this, I am changing my pricing schedule which will reflect the time investment in making such a piece.

I calculated my time crocheting this piece and came out to about 70 hours. At minimum wage, the cost for crochet alone would be $700.00. That does not even include the time it took to make the chart and pattern. Despite possible copyright infringement, I am publishing my pattern for sale, so hopefully, I can make a little income to offset this undercharge. I also feel that people that appreciate handmade items will appreciate the cost increase, adding value to the piece. My friends and family discount of 25% will still apply to all items.

This pattern is available for purchase in my Ravelry Store and on the AHW Patterns Page. See Post: Oakland Raiders Afghan v2 for explanation and valid links.

And because I never get to see the reverse of afghans created via this method, I am including an image of the reverse just for you information…

Oakland Raiders Afghan II Back
©A Hooker’s World

Wave Pattern: Swatch

Wave Pattern Swatch
@copy;A Hooker’s World

Receiving no assistance from the internet regarding my previous post request for help, I was fortunate enough to encounter a friend of mine who is very pattern savvy and she agreed with me that the pattern should remain on the same side, so the pattern should read:

Wave Pattern (Download PDF)

Cast on 53 (36 for symmetry; + multiple of 17 for wider project)

1. Knit

2. Purl

3. Pattern Row: Edge stitch, [purl 2 together (3 times)], [yarn over, knit (5 times)], yarn over, [purl 2 together (6 times)], [yarn over, knit (5 times)], yarn over, [purl 2 together (6 times)], [yarn over, knit (5 times)], yarn over, [purl 2 together (3 times)], edge stitch.

NOTE: Edge stitch may be slipped, knit or purled…your choice. I am a fan of slipping the first stitch purl wise and knitting the last stitch through the back loop.

4. Purl

5. Knit

6. Purl

7. Knit

8. Purl

NOTE: Stockinette row count may be increased or decreased, but MUST begin with purl row and end with purl row to maintain pattern.

Repeat rows 3-8 to desired length.


Wave Pattern: Help!

Wave Pattern

While cleaning up my knitting files, I came across this pattern that was given to me by Margot from the Fairview Library Knitting Group. I am in the middle of making a swatch, so I can see the pattern, but without clear instruction, I am not sure how to proceed.

The big question is: Do I go from row 9 to row 1 and repeat or do I go from row 9 to row 4 and repeat? I am leaning towards going to row 4, as it would follow the pattern set forth from row 3 to row 4. Can I get some feedback. I would be certainly appreciated. You can download this pattern here or wait until I have improved and included a picture of the swatch.

Basic Crochet Flower

Basic Crochet Flower
©A Hooker’s World

I need space in my filing cabinet, so I decided to reconcile all my printed patterns with my online patterns, get rid of the duplicates, and put the rest into a note book with page protectors. I am such a geek that this task actually brought me some much needed peace of mind after a near tragedy with the Oakland Raiders Afghan.

I don’t know where I got the pattern and there is no copyright warning on it, so I am sharing it with you. So retyped the pattern and created a PDF, which you can download here. Note: The original pattern had not stitch legend and I did not bother to create one, so you need to know simple crochet stitch abbreviations.The pattern I had in my filing cabinet was text only, so I decided to make one real quick to see what it looked like. I kind of like it, as it reminds me of one of my favorite flowers: Hibiscus.

I need to get a new digital camera. I took this picture with my iPad, but can’t correct the yellow enough to mute it. Maybe if I used the HDR function it might have come out better. Tried taking a picture of a ladybug without spots earlier, but could not get good definition, much less find the damn bug through the lens.