Pumped Up Kicks Baby Socks

Pumped Up Kicks Baby Socks

About The Project

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People was an easy project name to apply. I love when that happens. The baby socks are another gift for Mini Mikey. This time I searched for a pattern in fingering weight yarn, and as a bonus I got the right yarn weight and crochet hook this time! 😀

About The Yarn

Bernat Berella Sock & Fingering

Fiber Content: 60% Acrylic; 40% Nylon
Yarn Color: Rose Bud
Yarn Weight: [1, Super Fine*], per the Craft Yarn Council

The yarn label only indicates gauge and suggested needle size: 8 sts = 1″ on No. 3 (3 mm) needles. Ravelry yarn weight system, based on wpi (Wraps per Inch?) is different than the Craft Yarn Council, which I use when yarn information is missing. Add to that my lack of gauging and you have a minor mess on your hands. I will discuss lack of yarn standards in a separate post.

About The Pattern

Free Baby Crochet Pattern – Baby Socks by Heather, Patterns For Crochet

Easy, straightforward and quick work up with absolutely no issues. This time I followed the yarn link to confirm yarn weight before starting.


Hand In Glove Baby Mitts

Hand In Glove Baby Mitts

More appropriately…Giant Baby Mitts 😀

About The Project

I always try to associate a song title that has a correlation to the project – sometimes the connection being very thin, or even non-existing. Hand In Glove – by The Smiths – should be obvious, but if it is not, baby > hand > mitts > glove…get it yet? If not, send me a nasty email, commenting how rude I am, and ask me to explain myself. 😀

I really screwed up on this one; thankfully, they are a gift to a family member. 😳

About The Pattern

Baby Mittens – Free Pattern by Mimi is very simple and straightforward pattern. So, how did I screw up so much and end up with giant baby mitts?

Well, upon re-examination of the pattern today, I realize that I did not use the appropriate yarn weight or crochet hook! :O

About The Yarn

Bernat Berella Sock & Fingering

Fiber Content: 60% Acrylic; 40% Nylon
Yarn Color: Rose Bud
Yarn Weight: [1, Super Fine*], per my bible, the Craft Yarn Council

I do not recall how, or from whom I acquired this yarn, but found it kind of splitty. I do like the speckled print.

About The Pattern

Baby Mittens – Free Pattern by Mimi, Crochet and Other Stuff

Simple and straightforward! So…how did I screw up on both the yarn weight and the crochet hook size? As for me: pay attention! As I visual person, I am not much for written detail…my bad!

However, to the author I would like to make the following suggestion:

From this…

Cannon crochet cotton size 8, 1 ball white (main color) and scraps of pink (contrasting color)
Crochet hook size: 2.00mm
Gauge: 8 sts and 4 dc rows = 1 inch

to this…

Materials: Cannon crochet cotton size 8, 1 ball white (main color) and scraps of pink (contrasting color)
Crochet Hook Size: 2.00 mm
Gauge: 8 sts and 4 dc rows = 1 inch

* text within brackets supplied by me, Hooker Leo or guess at unknown parameter

Hound’s Tooth & Beyond eBook

Hound's Tooth & Beyond

I finally completed my first eBook: Hound’s Tooth & Beyond. It contains five stitch patterns all related to the crochet griddle stitch, which is the predominant stitch used to create a hound’s tooth pattern in crochet.

Patterns included:

Black or White Scarf:  Pattern Post | Project Post

Thrift Shop Scarf: Pattern Post | Project Post

Hound Dog Scarf: Pattern Post | Project Post

Not The Doctor Scarf: Pattern Post | Project Post

I’ve Got You Under My Skin Scarf: Pattern Post | Project Post

eBook Cost: USD $8.00, representing a savings of USD $2.00 when patterns purchased separately.

Hound’s Tooth & Beyond is available on AHW Patterns Page and my Ravelry Store.

The Circus Baby Blanket

The Circus Baby Blanket

It’s finally done: 225 Motifs plus a border that required turning a total of approximately 320 times…and in plenty of time before the arrival of my great nephew Michael Kenneth Aguilar, due in January 2018. This blanket measures approximately 36 x 36 inches for the motifs only, and approximately 38 x 38 inches including the border.

Click an image for enlargement / slide show

About the Pattern

I will be writing this baby blanket up as a pattern that will be available on th e AHW Pattern Page and my Ravelry store. The motifs are based on a video I found, but had to revise to my liking. The border is also a video that I had to modify to my liking and to fit within a ten-stitch space versus the original eighteen-stitch multiple.

About the Yarn

Bernat Baby Coordinates

Fiber Content: 75.2% Acrylic, 22.2% Acetate, 2.6% Nylon
Yarn Color: 01009 Soft Blue, 01012 Iced Mint, 01011 Lemon Custard, and (no yarn label for color number) White
Yarn Weight: 3, DK

So glad to be able to destash! This blanket border might benefit from a yarn that would provide better stitch definition. Definitely a yarn with more body might improve the appearance of the entire blanket.



Heffalumps and Woozles

Heffalumps and Woozles

About the Project Name

Heffalumps and Woozles is a song from Winnie the Pooh and The Blustery Day. It has never left my mind and I am glad to have a project that I can name after a Disney song.

About the Project

Puntilla de elephantes  by Lace Star (Elephant Lace) is the crochet border I had in mind for this blanket from the moment I felt The Circus theme. I had to adjust this border from its 18-stitch multiple to a 10 stitch multiple for my blanket. Having managed that, I still need to compensate for the corners of the blanket.

The first idea that came to mind is a circus tent shape for the corners. I still may be able to fashion something similar, as I visualize my solutions in my mind, but only time will tell and what happens when I get to the corner.

‘Cause we all know a hooker works hardest on the corner!

Let’s Review

The Circus

I finally have business cards with all the correct contact information, especially phone number.

I am back in the El Segundo Slipt Stitcher’s Knitting Guild. As expected, I was warmly welcomed back by several members, much more than non-Hooker Leo fans. Because of all the drama surrounding my previous departure, I was well-behaved, not moving an inch from my chair during the entire meeting, maintaining my humility.

I am so glad to have an outlet, albeit once a month. I forgot my checkbook this time, so next month I will pay my dues and once I am a member, I will feel more comfortable ( justified 😉 ) walking around and saying hi to the less mobile Hooker Leo fans. This time I will remain in the background and go with the flow…go with the flow…go with the flow.

I have changed project name Please, Mister Postman to The Circus by Erasure, on which I have completed the body of the baby afghan 15 x 15  2-inch circles. Today I am going to watch some Being Human , and work on The Circus – on which I have just rounded the second corner of single crochet into chain [can be time consuming] ; then consider how wide a border I want there to be between the afghan body and elephants. OMG! I just had a thought…I could double crochet the border so the thickness would match the circular medallions.

Hold d’line please…yarn check. Yikes! Got stuck on color…thinking double crochet border white elephants on white backing. Crud! Got stuck on dying videos. Now I am reconsidering frogging back to foundation chain border and starting double-crochet border from that point…kind of makes more sense…aiyaa!

Ha ha ha ha ha! I was trying to find the original Please, Mr. Postman post…there is none! The featured post image is the very beginning of the what was Please, Mr. Postman, now known as The Circus.