Canary In A Coalmine Shrug

Canary In A Coalmine Shrug
Crochet Shrug (front)

On da Hook: December 9, 2016
Off da Hook: December 10, 2016
Pattern: Sonata Shrug By Melissa Mall
Yarn: Red Heart Sport (Fiber Content: Acrylic, Yarn Color: 0230 Yellow, Yarn Weight: 3, Sport/Light)
Hook: US J – 6.00 mm
Dimensions: 32.5 (W) x 20 (H) inches

Having finished another UFO by the name of Crickets Sing For Anamaria, I decided to crochet a gift for my new BFF (best friend forever: Penny). I knew I could kick this out quickly, hoping to see her before I have to return the car. Actually, now that I think of it, I will continue to see her two days a week thanks to my generous cousin, but it’s doubtful I will see Penny on her birthday due to transportation issues.

Anyway, Penny told me her favorite color was yellow. I showed her yarn samples from my stash that I had available and to my surprise she picked the brighter color…YAY! I had done a search online for a shrug pattern, figuring following a pattern would be faster than trying to come up with something out of my head that I would like. I happened to find Sonata Shrug on Ravelry and liked it much. The pattern calls for sock, but I though the sport weight would work well enough. The only thing that might have made it drape more would be a bigger hook – US K – 6.5 mm. Oh well! I still love it.

The project name – Canary In A Coalmine by The Police – correlates to the color.

Canary In A Coalmine Shrug
Crochet Shrug (back)

Crickets Sing for Anamaria Baby Afghan

Crickets Sing for Anamaria

I started this last year some time, and I started it incorrectly. The pattern – Thesis Blanket by Phoebe Garrett – called for eight increases versus the four I cast on. Grr!

Working on US 6 needles made for slow going, especially since I did not know how big to make it – use the whole cone (1,100 yards) or not? The realization of the cast on error was a major factor in determining size, so when I reached 175 stitches in diameter, I put the blanket aside until I could figure out a way to decrease and maintain the k1, yo at the beginning/end of each row.

I decided using two needles might make it easier and that is when I decided to make it a double knit blanket. Still I had to figure out the decrease. After checking with some advanced knitters, it was decided I would have to decrease every row by two stitches in order to maintain the yarn over feature. Great! Now what? Twice the blanket was set aside during this process: first to order the new needles and second due to fear of putting the decrease method into action. Once I began the decrease side, I saw how it was working fine and just had to finish.

I’ll admit the blanket is a bit lopsided; I lost track of count during increase and had to fudge my count back to what I thought it should be (odd). After washing, I was able to block it to a 33-inch square…kinda sorta. I would reblock, but don’t really want to mess with it anymore due to the lopsidedness.

Upon posting this project, I discovered via a burn test that the yarn – Thomas Hodgson and Sons Inc, Suncook (Yarn Color: 8 Mauve) – is a natural fiber, which I don’t know. Most likely it is wool, but I have a call into the manufacturer for confirmation.

A friend of mine had expressed interest in using this yarn for a project. I have already notified her the yarn is ready. If she leaves enough, I will continue to make a baby set, including booties, diaper cover, sweater and maybe mittens, or a lace shawl.

The project name – Crickets Sing for Anamaria by Emma Bunton – is a song from my music library.

By itself, I think I would charge $60.00 USD due to imperfection.

Crickets Sing for Anamaria Afghan

On da Hook: August 5, 2015. Gosh! It reminds me of happier times: I had just met Edson. Now despite a phone call and assist from a mutual friend to give him my phone number, I have not heard word one from him. Oh well, must move on!

Crickets Sing for Anamaria Afghan
©A Hooker’s World

Due to the power outage this AM, I had time to run a lifeline through Crickets Sing For Anamaria afghan and confirm I was not off target with Thesis Blanket by Phoebe Garrett. Sure enough! Because I chose magic loop versus 5 dpns, I missed two very important increases, passing nipple syndrome and already progressed to hat lands. Cut my losses?

Crickets Sing For Anamaria Afghan
©A Hooker’s World

Wait! Hood! Try it on. Take a few pics. Hmmm, attach a cape with i-cord bind off to complete object?

Crickets Sing For Anamaria Afghan
©A Hooker’s World

Try finding a book with instructions for an I-cord bind off…electricity back on!

Prepare this post. Seeing pictures I am very attracted to the double density of the fabric, and it’s added softness and cushiness. Maybe continue to baby afghan?

I have plenty of yarn left over to begin again, but that knit is so nice and the double density makes it so cushy.

Crickets Sing For Anamaria Afghan
©A Hooker’s World

First option is risky and uncharted, second option is intuitive…what to do? Good time to put it on hold and go back to Electricity Shawl.

Actually, as I was preparing this post, I kept automatically calling this project Crickets Sing For Anamaria – by Emma Bunton – Afghan, so I guess it will be a baby afghan. I am definitely going to buy another set of circular US 6 needles, because that magic loop is for the birds!