Adventures in Dyeing: Stage 3

Adventures in Dying: Stage 3
Adventures in Dying: Stage 3
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Yesterday I rinsed the blank and hung out to dry. I was able to get it wound into two yarn cakes before I left to go to a Karaoke party.

This morning I present the final product! 10.3 ounces/293 g of The Painted Desert by 10,000 Maniacs.

Adventures in Dyeing: Stage 2

Adventures in Dying: Stage 2
Adventures in Dying: Stage 2
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  • Disappointed that the spots expanded so much
  • Probably could have done with less or a finer dispensation of the food coloring
  • Confirmed microwave instruction
  • Hoping that slow-cooking may wash out expansion
    • currently line drying
    • noticed more intense color inside
Adventures in Dying: Stage 2a
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Here’s a comparison; click an image for enlargement carousel

Adventures in Dyeing

Adventures in Dying
Adventures in Dying
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It has been so long since I took Ana’s Food Color Dying class, but I think I remember most of what she taught us. I watched some videos just to for good measure. Because I had helped Ana at the time of her class – at least that is my reasoning – she gifted me with a dye kit and some wool from Newton’s Yarn Country. I had finished the blank some time ago, but now that I am no longer working at The Knitting Tree, I have much more time for crafting. When I pulled out the box, I discovered even more wool, so I might trying dying a yarn cake and dying a hank next.

When I saw MadelineTosh Holi Festival I fell in love, so that is my inspiration for this blank. Because I don’t exactly remember the steps, I made up my own:

  1. Soaked the blank in hot water
  2. Layed the blank out on the ground
  3. Applied color
  4. Sprayed with vinegar
  5. Let dry in sun

I am letting it dry in the sun because I have the space and mom is so particular about her kitchen. I suppose when it drys, I will rinse until water runs clear and then wind it into a yarn cake. I do not want to apply any pressure to the blank as it is because I don’t want colors to run anymore than they naturally will, but I am concerned that the color will not go through to the other side. I suppose that’s just as well, as it might disperse the color more through the yarn.

I’m so excited.