Winnie The Pooh Newborn Beanie

Winnie The Pooh Newborn Beanie

About The Project Name

Winnie The Pooh by Walt Disney Chorus should be the obvious choice, right? Indubitably!

About The Project

Chelsea Lietz Photography
Chelsea Lietz Photography

My niece-in-law asked me if I could crochet a hat like this…

Her plan is to take a similar picture with Mini-Mikey after he is born.

I was going to wing it, but happened to remember seeing a similar hat recently while surfing the interwebs, which was a relief because the last time I made baby hats, they were too small for the kid’s head!

About The Pattern

Sure enough…”Baby Bear” Simple Baby Beanie by Rachel Glassco. I chose not to do the red in the ribbing, per the pattern, instead choosing to following in pattern to end like the original picture above. Which, had to be an executive decision as mom was admitted to the hospital today.

Loved the measurement guides. Could have been a little clearer, but manageable.

About the Yarn

Blue Sky Fibers Organic Cotton

Fiber Content: 100% Certified Organic Cotton
Yarn Color:s 641 True Red and 638 Dandelion
Yarn Weight: 4, Worsted

Beautifully, rich hues. Nice to work with. Fiber halo-ing.

Ordered from Love Knitting, from whom I received twice the amount I needed – I will make no comment as to whom was negligent, as I do not possess that knowledge.