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Tapestry Crochet Charting Services
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So now that I can’t sell my trademarked patterns on Ravelry, I can still sell my charting services.

If you have a graphic you want charted for an afghan or other fiber product that shall be crocheted, I can create the chart for you, and even a spreadsheet for larger items such as a 6 x 4 foot afghan. Here are some examples:


San Francisco 49ers Afghan
Oakland Raiders Afghan


Mickey Mouse
Mojo (my dog)
Knitting Tree


El Segundo Sliptstitchers Suggestion Can 1 2 3
Hibi Chick Bag

I charge California minimum wage: USD $10.00 per hour, so the bigger and the more colors in the chart, the more it will cost.

Additionally, I can convert the chart into a spreadsheet where I will color code the stitch numbers to facilitate crochet of the project.

And if you are really serious, I can teach you tapestry crochet for the measly price of USD $25.00 per hour.

Or if you can’t find the time to learn and have some extra cash, you can hire me to make the item for you at the rate of USD $10.00 per hour.

At this time, I am only charting crochet patterns for single crochet. At some time in the future, I may add knit charting services to my repertoire.

Oakland Raiders II: Half Time

Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders
@copy;A Hooker’s World

Despite a couple of debacles yesterday:

  1. spilled coffee on the afghan, which thankfully washed out
  2. issue with row/stitch counts; fortunately only had to undo two rows

This time I am stranding the yarn behind the piece and sewing in ends after each row, so when I am done, I will be done!

I have the chart completed, but lost the stitch counts I had on the chart. Unfortunately, I only have stitch counts up to row 113, so I will have to recount the stitches for rows 114-192.

I am thinking of selling the pattern at different price levels:

  • Minimal Cost for the chart only
  • Increased cost for chart and a color-coded spreadsheet indicating stitch counts
  • Maximum cost for chart with stitch counts, color-coded spreadsheet indicating stitch counts

Not that anyone reads my blog, as evidence by my recent Wave Pattern request for help, but if anyone sees it your input would be greatly appreciated.

Oakland Raiders Afghan

Oakland Raiders Tapestry Afghan
Oakland Raiders Tapestry Afghan
©A Hooker’s World

On da Hook: September 3, 2015
Off da Hook: December 29, 2015
Pattern: Oakland Raiders Tapestry Afghan by Hooker Leo (pending publication)
Yarn A: Michael’s Loops & Threads Impeccable (Fiber Content: 100% Acrylic; Yarn Color: 01040 Black; Yarn Weight: 4, Worsted)
Yarn B: Michael’s Loops & Threads Impeccable (Fiber Content: 100% Acrylic; Yarn Color: 01005 Black; Yarn Weight: 4, Worsted)
Yarn C: Michael’s Loops & Threads Impeccable (Fiber Content: 100% Acrylic; Yarn Color: 01044 Black; Yarn Weight: 4, Worsted)
Hook: US H/8 – 5. 00 mm
Dimensions: 4 x 4 Feet Square

The most important thing I have learned from making my second tapestry afghan is that I don’t charge enough! Unfortunately, I have one more already commissioned and I need to re-do this one because of a bleach stain in the black area. The good news: I have sold this one, stain and all.

After all these tapestry afghans are done, I should be able to crochet right-, and left-handed. I am currently practicing by making a scarf with left-handed crochet. I have also taught my self about floating the yarn across the back. Preliminary tests have shown a significant enough vertical dip, which may be caused by additional tension upon that stitch, whereby I was tucking the floating yarn underneath the stitch. I still like cutting my ends, as I think it consumes less yarn. They might not seem as unbearable in the end if I address them as I crochet each row.

Finally, I think I may begin charging for these afghans based on time versus materials. This will greatly increase the cost of making one, which I think is fair considering all the graphic/web design that does into the project in charting a pattern.

San Francisco 49ers Tapestry Crochet Afghan Pattern: Status

San Francisco 49ers Tapestry Crochet Afghan

San Francisco 49ers Tapestry Crochet Afghan

Having received so many request to purchase my San Francisco 49ers Tapestry Crochet Afghan Pattern, I finally set to inquiring with the team regarding sales of my pattern and copyright infringement. Today marks day three that I have contacted them via their website and social media. Not one reply.

My feelings are that if you don’t care enough to address inquiries, you must not mind me selling my pattern of your logo – SILENCE = APPROVAL – a la Judge Judy!

So, as soon as I finish the Oakland Raiders Tapestry Crochet Afghan I am currently working on, I will set forth to publishing my pattern and making it available for sale until such time, I received official legal notification from the San Francisco 49ers to cease and desist.

The Knitting Tree Pillow

The Knitting Tree Pillow
The Knitting Tree Pillow
© A Hooker’s World

On da Hook: September 9, 2013
Off da Hook: October 6, 2013
Pattern: The Knitting Tree by Hooker Leo of A Hooker’s World
Yarn A: Cascade 220 Heathers (9599 Savanna)
Yarn B: Universal Deluxe Superwash (728 Pulp)
Hook: US H – 5.0 mm
Dimensions: 12-inch square

This is my store sample for the tapestry crochet class I will begin teaching this month at The Knitting Tree L A. Had I been more attentive when making my yarn choices, I would have chosen two colors by the same manufacturer. I say this because it wasn’t until I started that I realized how much thinner/stretchy the Universal yarn was than the Cascade yarn. As such, I was not able to carry my colors because the first stitch in the lighter color never appeared proper. Therefore, while you can’t see them, there are a gazillion ends behind that fabric.

Pattern Proviso

The pattern is available on my patterns page, which may be accessed from the navigation menu at top or by following the pattern link. While I condone your profit from making this pillow, I do ask that you do not copy the pattern and disseminate among your friends, as I don’t think USD $2.50 is an exorbitant fee for a crochet pattern. As with all my patterns, if you maintain a presence on Ravelry, I would appreciate your linking to the pattern, so I can contact you and feature your project on the pattern page.

Happy hooking!