2014 Los Angeles Local Yarn Shop Overview

Fortunate enough to finally find secure employment at a local yarn store, I was scheduled to work during the 2014 Los Angeles Yarn Crawl. Personally, I loved the beehive of activity the yarn crawl created for our store and the range of people we met from other parts of Los Angeles, and even other states!

One visitor from Ohio sparked the idea for this post. She had researched her trip to Los Angeles, where she was coming for a job interview, and discovered that Yarn Crawl LA was coinciding with her trip, so she decided to unofficially(?) participate. This got me thinking that a general overview of all local yarn shops in the Los Angeles County area would make for an informative post for future fiber artists wise enough to research their trips to Los Angeles County.

Using the Yarn Crawl LA passport as my guide, I have created the following spreadsheet which will provide a general overview of each yarn store, it’s policies and offerings. One of the things I learned in contacting each store:

  1. Most yarn stores are willing to answer a couple of questions regarding projects made of yarn purchased outside the store. Preference/time is more deservedly reserved for customers that have purchased the project yarn in the store.

With respect to my spreadsheets:

  • Yarn Policy refers to organized sit ‘n’ stitches that regularly meet in the store and/or customers that are welcome to sit ‘n’ stitch during operating hours, allowing for space.
  • Pet Policy:
    • Under California law, all stores must allow PROPERLY IDENTIFIED service dogs into the store, properly identified being the operative term.
    • Stores indicating a favorable pet policy do not wish this post to viewed as an open announcement that they are expanding into the petting zoo industry. I suggest you contact the store before presuming your pet will be well received out of respect to store space and/or other customers’ potential allergies.


  • As an employee at a yarn store, I am not offering any opinions regarding each store.
  • As this is my first “official informative post,” I fine-tuned the information culled as I called each store. As such, some information may be more detailed than others.
  • While I tried to be objective and brief, I may have made some mistakes – blame it on being human. If you are a yarn store and would like me to adjust your information, please send me a request via email.

I hope any readers of this post will find it informative. Upon securing more reliable transportation, I look forward to visiting each and every store.

Happy hooking!

2014 Los Angeles Local Yarn Store Overview (PDF)

Rapper’s Delight Hat

Rapper's Delight Hat
Rapper's Delight Hat
©A Hooker’s World

I finally finished my hat! This – Vintage Inspired Crocheted Hat by Annette Corsino – was the free crochet pattern that The Knitting Tree L A was giving away during Yarn Crawl LA. Prior to the yarn crawl, I had tried on the hat – designed by Annette Corsino – and was so impressed by how it looked on me and the fit, that I had to splurge on the MadelineTosh Chunky and make one for myself. The original is made with two colors: Mustard & Black. I knew my primary color was going to be orange (Yarn Color: Citrus), but kept wavering between a deep dark blue and an espresso brown for the second color. In the end I decided to stick with one color, for a cheaper hat. The brim still needs to be blocked, but I just love it!

Accidents Never Happen Shawlette

Accidents Never Happen Shawlette
Accidents Never Happen Shawlette
©A Hooker’s World

On da Hook: October 17, 2013
Off da Hook: February 4, 2014
Pattern: Accidents Never Happen Shawlette by Hooker Leo
Yarn: Cascade Heritage Silk Paints; Yarn Color: 9942 Misty Blue; Fiber Content: 85% Merino Superwash Wool, 15% Mulberry Silk; Yarn Weight: 1
Hook: Boye E/4 – 3.5 mm
Dimensions: 92 x 18 inches

In one of the CrochetMe eNewsletters I received they were talking about Bruges Lace. I had never heard of it. Because there were basic instructions and I love a challenge, when I saw the picture of Lily Chin’s Swan Lake Shawl, I knew I could improvise a shawl and set to crocheting. I tried contacting Lily at least three times because I wanted like to write up the pattern and didn’t want to step on any toes. Twice my email was returned undeliverable and to date, I have not received a reply from her Ravelry group. Because I didn’t know how to proceed, I emailed my fiber-godmothers for their opinion, but they also have not replied.

This shawlette is very simple to crochet, as you are repeating one section. The difficulty for me – as I was creating this shawlette – was determining the connection points and curves. As such, the project name – Accidents Never Happen by Blondie – is tongue in cheek because, of course, there were accidents.

After much labor and revision, I think I boiled the pattern down to simple terminology. Because the pattern has not yet been tested, I am making myself available for questions regarding the pattern and have included contact information in the pattern. Once the pattern has an official tester, the contact information will be removed, but I will continue to be available.

The pattern will also be available for purchase during Yarn Crawl LA at The Knitting Tree L A, but at a retail price. The advantage of buying the pattern in the store is that the yarn used in the pattern will also be available in different colors and I will be there to answer any questions.

As with ALL my patterns, while I condone you selling your finished project, I do ask that you do not duplicate or copy the pattern for dissemination among your friends. I have no way to police this, so you are on your honor, but I don’t think USD $1.00 is an exorbitant cost, considering I am not a professional pattern writer and I provide technical support at no additional cost.

Finally, should you deiced to honor me with a purchase, I would love to feature your finished project on Ravelry where I can be found as HookerLeo or simply send me an email.