Garden of Poseybilities

As this is a “recreation” post, allow me to interject…as I listen to Elmo Hope toot out his version of Polka Dots and Moonbeams, I am pleased to see that I was positive at some point in my life a la the name of this project.

September 2010

Designer Notes

Garden of Poseybilities Poseys

Improvised design by Hooker Leo.

I had originally came up with the posey design.

Then I had to figure out how many, the layout, and how to connect. My first idea was flowers on a trellis, so I made it so, as closely as I could. My trellis is green.

After that it needed a border, again improvised

I was not a fan of those granny/baby colors, but I had to work with what I had available at the time.

The Afghan

Dimensions: 54 x 76 inches
The Hook: most likely an US H/8 – 5.0 mm

The Yarn

Garden of Poseybilities Border
Garden of Poseybilities Border designed & crocheted by Hooker Leo, A Hooker’s Worldd

Cape Code Wintuk
Color: Fisherman; Content: Acrylic; Weight: 4, Worsted

Red Heart Super Saver Solids
Color: Grass Green & Light Blue; Content: Acrylic; Weight: 4, Worsted

Vonnel Pop’n Yarn
Color: Paddy Green; Content: Acrylic; Weight: 4, Worsted

The light green in the border is very similar to Bernat Baby Coordinates. All other yarns unknown, but most likely worsted acrylics.

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