Blue Collar

2019-04-26: back-dated post for posterity sake

September 27-29, 2010

I didn’t even recognize this project if it wasn’t for that red ottoman of mom’s (covering a gorgeous teal print fabric). I have a feeling – without checking dates – that this might have been crocheted prior to Two Seasons, Too Late – which I will have to check now for the URL anyway…aiyaa! It ain’t easy being me. Turned out: not.

Now that I have gone through that mental exercise, I do remember making this with some scrap yarns. I have this yarn information: Super Yarn Mart! Precious Pompadourlon: color: lilac; content: unknown, but presumed man-made fiber; weight: unknown. I did record US G-Hook (4.00 mm), so I am guessing DK weight, which is the final piece making my memory complete.

I suppose vanity does have it’s advantages

Says the man who has had a memory repaired.

Just noticed the yarn name: Pompadourlon? This is a hint to man-made fibers. I’m guessing made from some type of orlon acrylic. More learning: synthetic fiber is the politically correct term for man-made fibers. Admittedly and laughingly, Pompadourlon could also be a typo: Google suggested Super Yarn Mart! Precious Pompadoro…NO! I had it right and thanks to the best images provided by Google, I can detect “acrylic” and “rayon,” but I am unable to see the percentages. Additionally, thanks to Google images, I was able to recognize the yarn, cementing a recollected memory for me. Oh, by the way, it is very similar to Bernat Baby Coordinates, without the bouclĂ©-ness.

Ah, and how nice that the memory reminds me of one of my most bestest memories: shopping with grandma, who taught me how to crochet.

Blue Collar

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