King Leo’s Kaleidoscope

September 2008-December 2010

The Name

King Leo used to be a nickname I coined for myself, out of a sense of trying to treat myself better. Kaleidoscope comes from the design of the afghan. Originally, the afghan was going to be for myself, but my cousin liked it so much I gifted it to her.

The Afghan

Millions of small triangular motifs – 96 light blue, 54 lavender, 32 pink, 4 light green and 186 white for a total of 372 – crocheted and then seamed together. Figuring out how to seam the triangles was quite a challenge and then once I had a method, I had to repeat way too many times.

The Yarn

All uknown acrylics

King Leo's Kaleidoscope
King Leo’s Kaleidoscope crocheted by Hooker Leo, A Hooker’s World

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