2019-05-11: Reconstructed post; back-dated for accuracy

I had made this as a baby shower gift for my cousin Amanda. I remember being surprised how easy it was to crochet the dress.

Date: February 4-5, 2011
Pattern: Baby Girl Sleeper Set by Abigail Goss
Size: 0-3 months
Hooks: US I-Hook (5.5 mm) & US J-Hook (6.0 mm)


Bernat Soft Bouclé
Color: Pink; Content: 97% Manufactured Fibers – Acrylic, 3% Manufactured Fibers – Polyester; Weight: 5, Bulky

Red Heart Baby Clouds
Color: Cloud & Pale Pink; Content: 100% Manufactured Fibers – Acrylic; Weight: 6, Super Bulky

There was little difference between the bulky and super bulky. Besides, the color scheme from pink > pale pink > to cloud white worked out well.

Used majority of Bernat Soft Bouclé. Only crocheted three rows from Red Heart Baby Clouds Pale Pink. Crocheted final row with Red Heart Baby Clouds Cloud. Changed from I-hook to J- hook for last four rows only.

Björkette Recipient

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