Groovy Baby Baby Blanket

2019-09-25: re-created post for posterity sake

The Name

Groovy Baby Baby Blanket, came from the groovy colors used to crochet this blanket.

The Blanket

Date: June 9-20, 2011
 US J/10 Hook (6.0 mm)
Dimensions: 30 x 30 inches
Destination: Interval House

The Yarn

Spinnerin Sweater and Afghan (Discontinued)
Color: Lime Green & Lemon Yellow Content: 100% Acrylic*; Weight: 4, Worsted Weight*

Unknown Purple
Color: Unknown; Content: Unknown; Weight: Unknown

I can’t tell if I double-stranded the Lime Green and Lemon Yellow on their own; it’s obvious in the color change row. It is possible, as I remember the Spinnerin being very thin, almost a DK weight. I would have better matched the purple, which I presume was leftovers from a Caron One Pound I had laying around. I can tell it was crocheted using V-Stitch.

Groovy Baby Baby Blanket
Groovy Baby Baby Blanket
* Per Ravelry


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