Purple Rain Cocoon & Skully

Hooker Notes

On The Needles: August 27, 2011-September 15, 2011
Needle Size: 10.5 US
Cocoon Pattern: Purple Rain Cocoon by Hooker Leo
Hat Pattern: Perfect Fit Baby Hat by Ruth’s Hands

The Cocoon & Skully

Cocoon Dimensions: approximately 16-inch diameter x 23-inch length

Having crocheted Sunflower Cocoon & Skully, I thought it would be neat to knit one. Thanks to SarahBea for lending me some 10.5 US circulars. Going by the dimensions of the Sunflower, I was surprised that this one came out two inches wider. It is shorter by one inch because I ran out of Barrington.

Cocoon Recipe

My instructions on how I created this are below, or you may download a PDF on my Patterns/Recipe page.

German Cast on 53 stitches on each of two 10.5 circular needles
Knit all for 17 inches


Row 1: K2TOG at beginning and middle of each needle
Row 2: K All

My decrease measures 5 inches. I think I decreased from 53 stitches to 29 stitches.

Seam: I closed my cocoon with the Kitchener Stitch.

Opening Border: Half double crochet in each picked up stitch along the border and repeat for total of three rows


Lion Brand Homespun
Color: Barrington; Content: 98% Acrylic, 2% Polyester; Weight: 5, Bulky Weight

Purple Rain

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