My Baker’s Dozen

2019-05-26: Reconstructed post; back-dated for accuracy

This is the finale my participation in the Baker’s Dozen Group, Ms. Pereira had invited me to take part in as a substitute. My colors were: Primary: Orange; Secondary: Red and Yellow. Apparently, it is true that people view things, as well as colors, differently – that was my first complaint. My second complaint was that some people do now know how to knit/crochet to size, but not so much as it depends on level and tension. Here are the crochet square motifs I used:

Overall, I was pleased. Though, did I really need another blanket!? As with everything I made that did not sell, it most likely got donated to charity. I hope someone is enjoying it!

Date: April 14-November 23, 2011
Hook: US J/10 (6.0 mm)

I just saw a price reference and now that I have the benefit of looking back into the past, the price is not what mattered; it was the afghan. I knew it looked “off;” it is a very particular individual that would buy this one! Just as well, it did end up in charity.

Lastly, I received more than a baker’s dozen of square motifs; here are the ones that did not make the cut: click an image for enlargment / slide show.


Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice
Color: Dark Grey Heather; Content: 100% Acrylic; Weight: 4, Worsted Weight

My other choice as a border color was dark brown, but I have always been in tune with color trends and I was obviously ahead of the Dark Grey/Orange trend, said he, immodestly.


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