It’s De-Lovely

Pattern: Puff Flower Spa Cloth by Julieann Thornton
Made For: Parmesaner
Hook Size: US H Hook
On the Hook: January 21-22, 2012

Hooker Notes

I could not figure out the pattern for the dark green section; perhaps it was too late when I started. I also thought 11.25 inches was too big for a barnacle blaster, so I only made mine to about 8.5 inches square.

The dark green section (yarn color/brand unknown) is single crochet in the back loop for extra barnacle blasting texture. I stopped at 31 on each side and did a “single crochet-chain one-single crochet” in the corner.


This is the second project in a row with a song name title; this may be the beginning of my new project naming scheme. I was named this project after De-Lovely by Robin Williams, as I may have just seen the movie, despite it’s 2004 release date because I don’t see movies when they just come out. I now wait for the price to go down to a level I feel film entertainment is worth to me, which means years-later viewings.

I also remember seeing this washcloth being made by Ellblo and I really liked it when she showed it to me at Fairview Library sit ‘n’ knit. My notes indicate I made it for another friend; I think this might have been part of a washcloth swap, but don’t really know.

The Yarn

Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co. Peaches & Creme
Color: White & Lt. Green; Content: 100% Cotton; Weight: Aran Weight

Unknown Dark Green
Color: Unknow; Content: Unknown; Weight: Unknown


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