Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The Name

Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Bette Midler, featuring James Caan from For The Boys

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The Blanket

Pattern: Lotus Flower Stitch (Source Not Remembered)
On The Needles & Hooks: December 11, 2011 – May 28, 2012
Needle: US 7 Needle

In retrospect, this appears to be a personal challenge to my knitting skills and knowledge. I remember, just waiting for this knitting to be over! I also remember the yarn having many yarn “breaks?” Looked like it could have been moths, but I don’t remember it being wool, and this was before I knew about burn-testing.

Additionally, I can tell the edge was crocheted, though I could not honestly tell you which size hook I used because I did not record that information and I do not recall.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The Yarn

Coats & Clark Red Heart Wintuk Baby
Colors: 224 Baby Yellow, 247 Peach; Content: 100% Manufactured Fibers – Acrylic; Weight: 1, Fingering

Peter Pan Germantown Zephyr
Color: 717 Saxony; Content: Unknown; Weight: 1, Fingering

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The Outcome

Donated to Foster Children Resource Project

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