Always And Forever

Always And Forever

Hooker Notes

On da Hook: June 2-23, 2012
Hook Size: US E Hook
Dimensions: 44 inch diameter

The Yarns

Peter Pan Germantown Zephyr (color: 717)
Unknown Red
Unknown Flourescent Orange
Coats & Clark’s Red Heart Nylon (261 Maize)
Herrschners Afghan (342 Dark Gold)

Always And Forever

This was so fun to design. My inspiration came from Crochet-A-Long Doily, which I loved for the spiral design. However, I wanted the spiral to start from the center, so one night I sat and worked at it until I got a formula that actually works, despite the fact that it doesn’t really spiral, versus radiate from the center. The yarn weight, after researching, is about about a 1, fingering.

I was worried during construction because the end kept curling up, which led me to think that maybe I should have based my pattern on twelve sections versus ten. Because of the curling, I was thinking of blocking it and framing it as tapestry. I would love to hang it on my wall, but it should really be framed properly, between two panes of glass. If I use nails to hang it, I am afraid it will loose it’s shape and become dusty. However, after I washed/dried it today, it lays completely flat. YAY!

This was really a stash buster of all my thin yarn. My original vision was to use the reds, oranges and yellows in a color scheme to resemble the sun. I should have used a one row repeat of each color, which might have improved the radiation effect and improved the color distribution. Oh well! I think it would look fabulous on my orange walls, but until I can afford to have it framed properly, I will hope to sell it as an afghan.

The Name

Most likely a random selection from my library: Always And Forever by Heatwave. I think the name fits the afghan colors.

The Recipe

Always & Forever by Hooker Leo

I consider this project one of “my recipes” because it can be used with “any yarn-weight” you have in your “pantry:” lace, bulky, sport, worsted, dk, et cetera.


As with all my recipes:

  • I condone any profit you realize from selling your finished project
  • I condone duplication/copy of the recipe for dissemination among your friends
  • I ask that you link back to this pagee

Always And Forever

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