Blue Cowl

The Name

Blue by Leann Rimes

The name relation should be obvious.

The Cowl

On The Needles: January 11-18, 2013

Pattern: Improvised by Hooker Leo

Needle: US 13 – 9.0 mm

Dimensions: 7 x 80 inches

I originally started this with a crochet single crochet chain. Then I got to the double-stranded part, I wondered what it would look like if I split the double-strand, but the amount of stitches became unmanageable.

The next attempt included the Cat Bordhi Mobius cast on. It was not as hard as it appeared to be the first time I learned it. After testing the single strand unknown with a double stranded Kertzer, the stitch width appeared equal. However, upon completion, you will notice some puckering – now part of the design element. I think the double stranding and the bulky yarns I was using made knitting it somewhat difficult – double stranding did not help. I actually broke my US 5 needles somewhere along the way while investigating splitting double strands while I was knitting. I think I’ll stick to single stranding from this point forward.

Basically, here’s what I did:

  1. CO 120 with Yarn A (Super Bulky)
  2. Knit 2 or three rows, making sure you have enough yarn to finish with the same number of rows.
  3. With the Kertzer Chunky (double stranded) I did one row [knit, yo]
  4. With Universal Classic Chunky (double stranded), I knit 3 rows
  5. With Kertzer Chunky (double stranded), I knit 1 row
  6. With Yarn A, I did one row of k2tog and finished with the same number of knit rows I began with
  7. BO loosely or use stretchy BO

I am not happy with my bind off, but I don’t think it makes much of a difference to the piece, as a whole. Still, I would have preferred a looser bind off. I suppose I should learn the stretchy bind off.

The Yarns

Unknown Blue-Green Yarn
Yarn weight estimated to be Super Bulky Weight

S.R. Kertzer Northern Chunky
Color: Cool Turquoise;  Content: 100% Acrylic; Weight: Worsted Weight

Universal Classic Chunky
Color: Petrol Blue; Content: 75% Acrylic, 25 % Wool; Weight: 6, Bulky Weight

I would have put a link on S.R. Kertzer, but when I click through from Google, I am asked to log in and I could not close the tab without quitting the application. You think they’d have checked that out or at least fix it. Whatever! Turns out the yarn is discontinued, so the company may not be in business any more.

Blue Cowl

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