It’s A Miracle

It's A Miracle
Crochet Doily & Table Runner

The Name

It’s A Miracle by Culture Club

A.k.a. The Curse of the Grandmother Doily & Table Runner because I had a hell of a time seaming someone else’s work. Because at about this time, I was solidifying my project naming convention, I had to change the name to It’s A Miracle, as I thought it was kind of a miracle that I was able to seam motifs with different stitch counts, etc.

The Doily and Table Runner

On The Hook: January 18-23, 2013
Made For: Miguel, a friend of mycroft, a yarnie friend
Dimensions: Doily: 14.25 inch square; Table Runner: 32 x 15 inches
Hook: US 000 – EUR 1.5 mm

The Yarn

Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet (Size 10)
Color: Delft; Content: 100% Cotton, Weight: 10 Thread

Hooker Notes

Mycroft asked me if I was interested in a side job of crocheting some crochet square motif heirlooms into a new usable piece for a friend of her’s, Miguel. I thought it should be easy, right. Upon preliminary examination, which is usually not too detailed, I was going to combine all, but then discovered squares of different sizes. After separating different sizes, I realized I had two projects.

2013-01-19: the plan: Table Runner: 4 x 2 (large squares) and Doily: 2 x 2 (small squares). Also discovered that some squares are defective (extra filet on one side)

2012-01-21: having used so much thread already, I decided to buy some new thread

2013-01-22: found one skein the matched to the untrained eye. decided to go lighter in color, so complete project will match. Also picked up a new hook with which to work. woohoo!

It's A Miracle
Crochet Square Motifs

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