Brokenhearted (2013)


The Name

Brokenhearted by Karmin

Hooker Notes

On The Hook: February 16-15, 2019
Pattern: Conch Scarf by Jody Witt
Hook Size: US K/10.5 EUR 6.5 mm

The Scarf

Dimensions: 80 x 3 inches

The Yarns

Unknown Dusty Pink & Variegated Multicolor
Color: unknown; Content: presumed 100% acrylic; Weight: presumed worsted weight

Victoria showed me the trick and actually developed something with scrap yarn before the end of the guild…just much skinnier.

When I got home, I broke down and treated myself to purchasing the pattern because the one pictured looked wider.

Jumping right in, my test with worsted came out too skinny also. Reading the complete pattern I discovered the “chunky.” I had thought – from the pictures – that it was made from some type of cotton, which would be more similar to a worsted acrylic. My bad.

I am not happy with the width or the minor rippling. My first inclination is to make about two more and connect all three lengthwise. However, I am out of the variegated. I suppose the outer strips could be identical, thereby giving a sense of cohesion in palette, and hope that connecting the lengths might resolve or distract from the minor rippling.

Or do I frog this and start over with the right size hook, thereby making it even skinnier, accommodating three strips and don’t have to worry about different tensions.

Or now that I know the trick, to I frog it and create my own for worsted weight?

As for the name, I am brokenhearted that my first attempt does not look as pretty as the one in the picture despite having not read the pattern thoroughly and knowing I was not using contrasting colors.


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