Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Hats

On da Hook: October 24, 2013-October 25, 2013

Pattern: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Hats by Hooker Leo

Crochet Hook: US I/9 – EUR 5.50 mm

Made For: Mar Vista Library Children’s Reading Group


Unknown Red & White Acrylics

The Santa Hats

Dimensions (including pom pom):

6 x 9 inches

6.5 x 9.5 inches

6 x 10 inches

7 x 10 inches

Yesterday I was informed by the Wednesday Morning Knitters organizer that the group has been volunteered to make hats for the Mar Vista Library Children’s Story Time Group. It was requested that four hats be made. No problem. This pattern differs a bit from the Mojo Santa Hat in that the increase is two stitches per round versus one. We were instructed to make toddler size. Being childless, I have no idea what size that is, so I looked it up and found the circumference for a toddler size hat. Using this number I plugged it into my handy-dandy circumference calculator to calculate the diameter. Several people have commented that the hats look too small and I agree, but the good deed is fait accompli.

While I condone your profit from making my pattern, I do ask that you do not copy my pattern when it is available for free. Help a human out and share the source: A Hooker’s World.

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