Come And Get Your Love

Come And Get Your Love

Hooker Notes

On da Hook: November 19, 2013-November 20, 2013

Pattern: Come And Get Your Love by Hooker Leo

Hook: US M/13-9.0 mm

The Yarn

Lion Brand Jamie (Color: 200 White; Content: 100% Acrylic; Weight: DK) 3 skeins

Plassard Insolite (Color: 09 Lavender; Content: 100% Polyester; Weight: DK)

Flutter (Color: 42; Content: 100% Polyester; Weight: Novelty)

Classic Elite La Gran Mohair(Color: 6589 Crepe Myrtle; Content: 78.4% Mohair, 17.3% Wool, 4.3% Nylon; Weight: Aran)

Unknown White Eyelash

The Cowl

Finished Size: 6 inch width x 22.5 inch diameter ≈ 70.6 circumference

I finally got my love and have worked out a hooking schedule. With my new plan in action, I was feeling crafty and inspired by Sara’s (sp) shared knowledge of the Sedge Stitch a la Lion Brand, and I’ve been itching to make another Mobius cowl since Pick Up The Pieces was knitted, and despite using scraps, I am proud of the way that one turned out. Since it’s been in mom’s care, it has attained a softer touch. Isn’t that interesting? While I prefer a Mobius cowl of dimensions similar to mother’s versus this smaller version, this one, again, was made from partials skeins of the baby sport weight yarn and the Unknown Eyelash was on a cone, so you could actually make it wider and/or longer. I still like it andI am just too excited to have another FO.

The body worked up over an afternoon/evening; the border took a morning because I tried to do something different by slip stitching the back loop and front loops on each side, so I would not have to see the v’s from single crochet along the sides. That’s why you see that white line along the sides. I’ll admit: it looks a little less than Wow!, and I am almost convinced it is a design element. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Happy hooking!

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