Grazing In The Grass Scarf

Grazing In The Grass

The Name

Grazing In The Grass by The Friends of Distinction

Comes from the yarn color, which reminded me of a pasture.

Hooker Notes

On Ta Hook: September 28, 2015-January 13, 2014

Pattern: Improvised by Hooker Leo, A Hooker’s World

Hook: US E/4 Hook РEUR 3.5

The Yarn

Newton’s Yarn Country Softball (Color: Unknown,¬†Content: 100% Cotton, Yarn Weight: 3, DK)

The Scarf

Dimensions: approximately 80 (L) x 6.5 (D) inches

I made this during my short row craze. By the time I got to this project, I was so over short rows, as this project took a mighty long time due to the overlapping curl. I am not a big fan of this project because once you drape the scarf the curves it all lanky. Perhaps a thicker yarn with more body would hold up better.

Price: USD $50.00

2020-08-05: I ended up donating to charity.

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