Catch My Fall Scarf: Pattern

Catch My Fall Scarf
©A Hooker’s World

This filet crochet scarf is based on a 4 x 3 grid: each square is 4 double crochet wide and 3 chain high. The design was improvised, and therefore, very simple. The scarf was made as a donation to Handmade Especially For You.

This pattern was previously available for free since it was published in January 2013. Now you can purchase the pattern for the mere price of USD $2.50. You may purchase the pattern by navigating to my patterns page or by visiting Ravelry. Despite offering the pattern for free, for over a year, there is no official tester of the pattern, so I make myself available for technical support. I can be reached via email or Ravelry message. As with all my patterns:

  • I condone any realized profit from selling your finished object
  • I ask that you do not duplicate or copy the pattern for dissemination amongst your friends
  • If you are on Ravelry, I would appreciate your linking your project to this pattern, so I can send a request to feature your finished object

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