Thread Crochet

Thread Crochet
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A customer from when I worked at the yarn store put me in contact with a friend of her’s that wants a set of antimacassars. I put this project off long enough because I was not looking forward to working with such small media, but as I progress, I am getting my rhythm back.

I must comment that I am really tiring of creative types and their lack of communication or professionalism. Previously, I had contacted another designer regarding a pattern I had written that similar to the one she had already published. I went to her website and every email address was invalid. I then tried contacting her through Ravelry and still not response. In the end I published my pattern without her blessing. What really struck me was that she is a prominent designer; prominent enough to have a staff to handle her correspondence for her.

My current client sent me the chart for her antimacassars, which included the designer’s name. The client wanted to know the size of the finished object, but it is not printed on the chart. A couple of days ago a light bulb went off and I tried finding the pattern on Ravelry. Eureka! However, the dimensions were not printed. I was able to find out what media was used and the appropriate hook size, so I am now making one of a set of at least eleven in the series just for size. I had the designer forty-eight hours ago and still no reply.

Stay tuned for the finished object.

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