Dead Man’s Party Antimacassar’s

Dead Man's Party Antimacassars (1 of 15)
©A Hooker’s World

On da Hook: January 17, 2015
Off da Hook: Janaury 19, 2015
Pattern: Skeleton Antimacassar by Regina Rioux
Yarn: Department 71 Perle Cotton (Fiber Content: 100% Cotton; Yarn Color: [White]; Yarn Weight: 0, Size 8 Thread)
Hook: Boye 8
Finished Size: 14 (H) x 5.25 (W) inches

I finally finished piece one of fifteen last night, despite losing two stitches. You might be able to tell by the slight bowing on the sides. I definitely can tell that my tension at the beginning was looser than it was when I finished, but not significantly, just enough that an experienced crocheter would notice. I spent about 14.25 hours making this, but some of that time was spent frogging mistakes.

This was one of the projects about which I was complaining about a couple of days ago. As of this post, I still have not received a reply from Regina regarding finished sizes. That’s why I am not linking to her pattern.

The project name – Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo – is a selection from my music library.

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