Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Cowl: Wake Up Time!


The white yarn, I am not even sure is – technically – yarn; it is more like the stuff you might find inside your mattress. Hence the project name – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by The Eurythmics.


Dimensions: 5.5-inch width x 70-inch circumference
Cast On: Date Not Recorded
Cast Off: March 25, 2015
Pattern: Improvised by Hooker Leo of A Hooker’s World
Needle Size: US 13
Price: USD: $84.00 2018-08-14: removed from inventory; donated to charity

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
©A Hooker’s World


Yarns A, B & C: Unknown

Fiber Content: Unknown
Yarn Color: Unknown
Yarn Weight: Unknown

Yarn D: Trendsetter Joy

Fiber Content: Polyester, Nylon
Yarn Color: F1194
Yarn Weight: 3, DK

Ever since a long past yarn stash organization, I thought these two yarns would go well together. Now that I am trying to make a dent in my yarn stash, I finally got around to making this cowl. The white yarn (A, B, & C) are actually three shades that I used in order from light to dark.

Designer Notes

The construction is a double-strand of the white and the Trendsetter Joy in Garter stitch with a seam at the end.

Making this cowl was slow going – about two to three weeks – mostly because I did not want the little ribbons to be caught between the stitches. I could have just knitted it, gone back afterwards and freed them, but I am so anal retentive, I figured I might as well free them while knitting. The white yarn presented problems as well because of the fibrous composition, requiring slow knitting so as to minimize fiber tangles.


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