A Hooker’s World Store Now Open!

Open for BusinessUp to now, I have been relying on my blog posts and social media to sell my items, which has not yielded any business whatsoever, so I am very excited that two avenues for selling my items have revealed themselves to me: del Rey Art Walk and a friend of mine that attends shows as a vendor.

The other day I was sitting outside crocheting while waiting for a ride from a friend when a neighbor walked by. We got to talking and she asked where I sell my stuff after I explained that I am not the kind of gay that wears feminine apparel. I told her that I was considering having another craft boutique in the fall. She suggested I get in touch with the del Rey Association and maybe I could display my stuff during the annual art walk. Doh! I never even thought about that. I called, but all collateral has already been printed. I am pending approval to display my stuff on my sidewalk. Even if I don’t get the approval, mom says she will have a yard sale and I can display anyways.

The other opportunity arose from a long time friend of mine that attends exhibitions in Arizona and Nevada. She is willing to take my items along for a 30% commission. She is coming by next Wednesday to choose which items she thinks will sell and help me with pricing. Motivated to dig out all my old stuff and be ready for my visitor next Wednesday, I decided to create a store on this website. Rudimentary at best, at least the AHW Store is another avenue.

Either way, my creative energy is renewed and I am really finishing up my old projects so I can get started on new things.


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