Dead Man’s Party Antimacassars: Rib Cage

Dead Man's Party Antimcassar: Rib Cage
©A Hooker’s World

On da Hook: April 27, 2015
Off da Hook: May 22, 2015
Pattern: Skeleton Antimacassar by Regina Rioux
Yarn: Department 71 Perle Cotton Size 8 (Fiber Content: 100% Cotton; Yarn Color: [White], Yarn Weight: < 0, 10-Count Crochet Thread)

I was so excited to have finished this project. I took it over to show mother and make some dinner. When I returned home, I discovered the difference in color. Goddammit! I had noticed a difference in feel of the thread when I broke into the package I had ordered from Herrschner's, but attributed that to the newness of the thread. My room is usually on the dark side, so the color change was clearly not visible. I will have to contact the client and perhaps start over from the very beginning with the newly purchased thread. I still have six more pieces to crochet, but I find myself wondering into what have I gotten myself?


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