Where I Sit…

Patons Brilliant
©A Hooker’s World

…because standing is just not advisable right now, considering my current health status.

I finally have the Dead Man’s Party Antimacassars in the wash; I pray the skull comes out white! Aside from that, I only need to iron them and then I can notify the client they are completely done. Once I have ironed them, I will post a picture of all of them laid out on my work table.

While I was in the Venice Family Clinic last Friday, I completed Get The Balance Right Shawl. Before heading over to the Marina del Rey Hospital Emergency Room, I had mom stop by the house so I could pick up another project to work on, presuming I would end up hospitalized. I could not focus enough on my queue of projects to make a wise selection, based on pattern complexity, so I grabbed some stash yarn – Patons Brilliant – and figured I could improvise something. Sure enough, I was transferred to Southern California Hospital, Culver City, where I remained until Tuesday.

While my current project Bad Blood Cowl – aptly named from the song Bad Blood by Neil Sedaka – is a simple 2 x 2 rib, I am tiring of the monotony of the stitch. I also notice two knitting errors, which really bug the hell out of me, but won’t make much of a difference if you are viewing the project on the red carpet from the bleachers of the Academy Awards. Aside from the monotony, I am almost done, as I am on the second to last color strip; to be exact: 20 rows of 432 stitches to go plus bind off. Aiyaa!

While I was in the hospital, a friend came to visit and she was working on an afghan that was simply awesome! It was interlock crochet, which I’d seen before. That is something I would love to get into! She specified the pattern as Giraffe, but I have been unsuccessful at finding it yet. I think I might buy a book so I can learn the technique and create my own patterns.

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