One Skein Short: October 1, 2015

Eve & Sarah

OMG! What a surprise last night. Eve – the crocheter of the minutes cozy – showed up…with the minions: Georgina and Jason, evidenced by the bottles on the table. Once they acclimated to their environment, they were all about the play room. Apparently, Sarah is a little afraid of minions and their cooties. Just kidding! 😀 Lisa says that Eve only showed up so she could get into the minutes. I tend to agree with Lisa. 😀

You know, it never dawned on me that our location is ideal for anyone that would like to join our group and bring their children along. The floor is a faux grass so it is soft in case a child should fall; there is a children’s bathroom in the room; there is a playhouse and toys; and the parent/guardian can keep an eye on their children while enjoying some crochet/knit time.


Leo: Trying to design chrysanthemum shawl; project name to be determined
Lynette: Koala
Lisa: Cats Eye Cowl
Eve: Marlybird Crochet Stitch Sample Baby Blanket CAL
Georgina: Too young to knit/crochet
Jason: Too young to knit/crochet
Sarah: Lewis the Wino Sweater
Cathy: Ladyhawk Cowl


Cathy: Double Stuff Oreos

Old Business

Anniversary Dinner
A check with Sarah, indicates that 6 have confirmed. During the meeting Sarah contact another member and by meeting’s end confirmed 7 people attending.

New Business


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