2016 Pricing Structure

I recently finished an Oakland Raiders Tapestry Afghan, measuring 4 feet squared. I charged four times the cost of the yarn + yarn (acrylic) cost. This came to a total of $167.50.

I was feeling like I undercharged and considered revising my pricing structure.

Yesterday I started another Oakland Raiders Tapestry Afghan because I had damaged the first one. This time, I decided to calculate my time crochet the afghan, as my nephew showed me that I had a stopwatch on my phone. Well, I did four rows in one color in approximately 57 minutes. What an eye opener! A simple calculation proved that if I charged minimum wage for my time, the blanket would be estimated at $480…AND that does not include my time charting the afghan!

I believe I am going to change my pricing structure and this post will make it official. From this point forward all requests:

  • will be charged at $10/hr (minimum wage) + Yarn Cost
  • be eligible for a 25% discount to friends and family
  • will require a deposit (I am leaning towards the cost of the yarn)
  • will be subject to a time frame for payment, which when exceeded will result in general sale of the item because I have some projects for which I am still waiting for payment
  • will require a signed agreement between me and the client

Perhaps higher prices may leave more time for me to design and learn more techniques and grow as a fiber artist, which is something I am really excited about. I want to learn interlocking crochet, having received a book for my birthday last year. I also received a brioche knitting book and I would love to tackle some of the patterns in there also.

Right now, I have two afghans in the queue, having just finished Baby Blanket. All new requests will be subject to the terms above.

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