2018 Los Angeles Yarn Crawl

I almost did not get to go because CSNanaCat is going out of town for the entire month of May and she has been preoccupied with cleaning and packing. Luckily, I knew that KTia had plans to go and had left her a message inquiring about accompaniment. She returned my call and we made plans to go on Sunday.

My Budget: USD $100.00

Stop 1: Alamitos Bay Yarn Company

I love going there, though I’ve never bought anything. I never seem to “find” anything that makes me impulsive enough to spend the money. The one time I almost bought something, I had already spent my allocated money. Today nothing grabbed me. I was thinking distance may be another deterrent…hm?

Stop 2: Jennifer Knits and Needlepoint

2018 Los Angeles Yarn Crawl Gift To Me
2018 Los Angeles Yarn Crawl Gift To Me

I love this store, having worked there before as a crochet instructor. Now that the clutter aspect has been removed the store has a very open atmosphere with lots of lovely light. After four years of crawling, I finally consulted my patterns before making any purchases. The shawl I am eager to make most – right now – is the Meadow Grass shawl by Heidi Alander. I had the assistance of a friendly and knowledgeable associate that pointed out to me their prepackaged kits: their yarn crawl special. Each kit contained two skeins of Baah La Jolla and a coupon for the Local Yarn Shawl pattern by Casapinka, as a free gift from the store. This made color choice easier. If you know me, the brighter the better and the minute I saw the orange (Sunshine) and yellow (Gold Rush), I thought sun. Nothing gets much brighter than that! The bonus was Baah! yarn: a yarn I have coveted since I met it when I worked at The Local Yarn Store Which Must Not Be Named.

USD $65.00

Stop 3: L’Atelier

Mother's Day Gift Option 1
Mother’s Day Gift Option 1

We ran into Ms. Sara from the El Segundo Sliptstitchers guild, knitting with here new yarn on a new project. I loved the braids of 17 skeins/hanks that were hanging from the wall and discovered that it was not a new display strategy, but a project to make an afghan. Nice! I also discovered this little piece and thought of mother. I know mom likes pink, but they had zero skeins. I was told it could be ordered and discovered today that it comes in 50g balls (minimal yardage)/USD $30.00. That means the piece pictures is USD $90.00! I don’t think so, as mom want’s a longer piece, as seen at Twist. Well, now that I think

Stop 4: Twist Yarns of Intrigue

Here I saw my favorite piece of the day. Unfortunately, having already bought some yarn, I could not justify the USD $170.00 “Twist” yarn expense to make it. The color – pink, mom’s favorite – got me thinking about her. I could justify the expense of some cheaper yarn to make her something.

Mother's Day Gift To Me
Mother’s Day Gift To Me

I love “Twist” yarns and colors! I understand they are “hand-dyed.” While I love them, I am a price-based person and cannot justify the additional cost just for color unless the color was a “custom request.” Having typed that, please be advised that I am still rationalizing the cost of yarn to make that, now elevated to – cue the choir of angels – shroud! 😀

Mother's Day Gift
Mother’s Day Gift

I had such a pleasant time talking with – again, can’t remember her name – that I found a cheaper option which would allow me to at least pay homage to such beautiful yarns. I had seen the Malabrigo Sock colorway Aniversario at Jennifer Knits and Needlepoint, but didn’t buy, wanting to space out my purchases for best browsing/pricing options. Even cheaper than Baah!, I was able to double my goodness by adding Light of Love. I think my choices may be to bright for mom’s taste, we might have to go back so she can see what else is available.

USD $40.00

Stop 5: Needlepoints West

2018 Yarn Crawl Over Budget
2018 Yarn Crawl Goodies

OMG! Guess who I saw here? Carina! ❤ And, of course, Carrie! ❤ It felt like a reunion with Kathleen present, as well. And lest I forget, Billy came into the store later.

I also got to meet Alexandra of Alexandra’s Crafts Yarn. I had purchased the Black Butte to finish Over The Rainbow. The more I think about it, I would like to frog the Olive lace and re-knit with a celery or dark silver color. We talked of yaks and taboo.

I also met Miss Purl, who made that wonderful little fish tin, pictured above. I was searching for a chihuahua with no luck. My crawl partner was nice enough to trade with me, as this was the only other ideal choice. Later, I learned that if I sent her a picture, she would make custom tins. Aha! Great gift idea, right? Sh!

Because I did not have cash and had to use plastic, I had to throw in some other items – Cascade Nikki, color #32404; Euro Night, color #201; Sirdar Dune, color unknown – to meet the limit. I was having a blue and brown moment. 🙂 I also found another interesting shawl pattern that I may actually purchase. :O

USD $25.00

Stop 6: The Local Yarn Shop Which Must Not Be Named

Kathleen wanted to go, but I think she was hesitant, concerning my feelings. I told her straight out that I would not mind if she wanted to go. I could wait in the car and knit, as I always have a project with me. In the end, she changed her mind.

Money Spent: USD $130.00

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