Brick By Boring Brick Shawl

The Name

Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore

I was perusing my music library for a name when I came across this one, which related to the shawl by color – brick red.

Brick By Boring Brick Shawl

The Shawl

Care: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry.
Dimensions: 72-inch Wingspan x 27-inch Depth
Value: USD $124.97 2018-08-14: removed from inventory; donated to charity

I do not like to block, especially curved items! Because this is made from acrylic fibers, I did not think I would need to, but discovered that even a good hand-stretching of the fabric helped. I suppose the benefit of my half-measures is a more crescent shape rather than half a circle.

Brick By Boring Brick Shawl


Jessica Shawl by Clare Sullivan

Clear, concise, creative.

The pattern called for approximately 980 yards on a US J Hook. I started with a J, but did not like it because I already crochet loosely, and I had a mess on my hands. I switched to an I-hook and figured I would crochet two skeins and compare where I am. After two skeins, I was short one pattern row – at least in my head, without referring back to the pattern.

Brick By Boring Brick Shawl


Premier Sweet Roll

Color: 1047-04 Cherry Swirl
Content: 100% Acrylic
Weight: 4, Worsted

Good feel. Been a while since I’ve worked with full-on acrylic. I had thought/hoped for longer color blends. The shawl body is made from two skeins of Premier Sweet Roll.

The border from some scrap yarn I had lying around. I did not think a border in the same multicolor yarn would be flattering, preferring to choose a solid color from the multicolor roll. Because I have yellowish light in my room, I did not see the colors accurately, though I was not far from my target color. To my trained eye there is too much of a difference; to the unobserving eye, it works.

Brick By Boring Brick Shawl

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